Huawei gets yet another 45-day reprieve from the US

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Last year, Huawei was added to the United State’s Entity list, which made US-based companies and businesses to drop their trade with the Chinese telecom and electronics giant. It’s been more than a year now and things haven’t returned to normal. The US government has been providing a temporary window for companies to carry out their business with Huawei every now and then. Now, once again, the US Commerce Department provides another 45 days to the Chinese tech giant in order to minimise disruption of wireless networks in rural America according to a report by Thomson Reuters.

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On the 10th of March, the Trump government extended the license of Huawei so that US companies can do business with the Chinese telecom giant until May 15. As we mentioned earlier, the US government has been keeping Huawei on tenterhooks allowing them to operate their business with other US companies temporarily ever since the ban was originally imposed. That is because, although the US considers Huawei as a security threat, most of its wireless networks in rural regions depend on Huawei’s equipment, which happens to require some American-made goods to manufacture. Hence, this new temporary license is all about helping American telecom carriers and their customers in the rural parts of the country.

This clearly demonstrates how Huawei plays a vital role in the world’s telecom sector. But still, the US government has been continuously asking other countries to avoid building their 5G networks in partnership with Huawei over security concerns.

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  1. CuriosityCat
    March 12, 2020

    It’s funny that Huawei is only a threat when the government feels like it but changes faces when they need them to help the economy. Such rubbish and made up bafoonery.