Huawei Super-fast Vertical Wireless Charger And GaN Charger Announced

Huawei super-fast vertical wireless charger

Today, Huawei held a new product launch conference and uncovered many products. Honestly, we have got acquainted with these products a week ago, when the company held its overseas conference. But with the launch of those models in mainland China, it announces the start of sales. So it’s the right time to take a look at a few products that have been overshadowed by the P40 series smartphones and the WiFi 6+ routers. If you still don’t guess, we are talking about the Huawei super-fast vertical wireless charger, which supports 40W wireless charging power. It costs 279 yuan ($39). Also, we’d like to talk about the Huawei super-fast gallium nitride dual-port charger, priced at 249 yuan ($35).

Huawei super-fast vertical wireless charger

The Huawei super-fast vertical wireless charger uses a high-gloss glass panel, aluminum alloy package, and a 60-degree elevation angle. This charger adopts an air-cooled design. There is a built-in centrifugal fan, and a three-dimensional air duct.

It has a built-in dual coil with a larger induction range and supports a maximum of 40W wireless charging. The external LED indicator can display the current charging status of the phone at any time. Our protagonist has a safe fast charging certification.

Huawei super-fast vertical wireless charger

Apart from this amazing charger, the company also introduced the Huawei super-fast gallium nitride dual-port charger. It has a maximum charging power of 65W. And this model will go on sale in May at a price tag of 249 yuan.

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Huawei’s super-fast GaN charger supports a dual-port super-fast charging. The USB-C interface supports the standard PD protocol and the folding pin design. Other details have not been officially announced.

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