Wi-Fi 6E Debuts Within The Year: The First 6GHz Signal – Faster And More Stable

Wi-Fi 6E

Recently, we have seen more and more Wi-Fi 6 products emerging on the market. Among them, we can mention smartphones, tablets, routers, notebooks and so on. However, the Wi-Fi Alliance has actually established a new generation of Wi-Fi 6E standards. And its innovation lies in the first introduction of the 6GHz band.

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6GHz can provide a faster connection speed, while there will be almost no signal interference with existing equipment. In other words, Wi-Fi 6E is the name of a new extension to the existing Wi-Fi 6 standard to signify it’s capable of supporting all-new 6 GHz frequencies.

According to some media reports, the US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is scheduled to vote on April 23 to open a new unlicensed 6GHz frequency band. The 320MHz continuous spectrum (total 1200MHz bandwidth) is a huge improvement over the 5GHz total 500MHz bandwidth.

In this regard, the research institute WifiForward (behind Google, Microsoft, Broadcom, Comcast, etc.) made a projection that the promotion of 6GHz Wi-Fi will increase US $180 billion in revenue in the next five years, including a contribution of US $106 billion GDP.

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The popularity of WiFi5 / 6 has increased the average speed of US routers to 267Mbps in 2022. And the introduction of 6GHz will help the average wireless speed reach 468Mbps by 2025.

Wi-Fi 6E

In addition, the report also welcomes the important role of 6GHz Wi-Fi in low-power indoor positioning, AR / VR, and Internet of Things communications.

It is reported that devices based on the Wi-Fi 6E chipset will be available within a year.

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