Huawei is preparing its Google-free smartphones for contact tracing

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Many countries have already launched their local versions of the Coronavirus contact tracing apps and in the coming days, we will see more of them. This apps uses the interfaces that were developed jointly by Apple and Google.

Apple has already implemented this with iOS 13.5 in iOS and Google has already started to distribute an update for the play services. With Android, this is the way to activate the interfaces on the devices.

Huawei: Corona APIs implemented in HMS

But there is a question of what about Huawei. Most models still have Google Play Services, but there are now some new models that arrive without it. Here you rely on Huawei Mobile Services. And there is a separate interface for these models.

Huawei has started to distribute version of the HMS Core. And this contains the interfaces for the so-called “contact tracing”. The “Huawei Contact Shield” is thus distributed to the smartphones and there are a few details on the Huawei website.

To help contain the global COVID-19 pandemic, Huawei releases HMS Core Contact Shield developed based on its cutting-edge technologies.

HMS Core Contact Shield provides privacy-protecting contact tracing services for Huawei device users. It utilizes the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology to detect nearby devices, exchange data with detected devices, and record contacts with user information anonymized.

Huawei contact tracing

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At the moment, however, we are still missing many details but we will keep you up to date as soon as possible.

Android is ready for contact tracing: the system is rolling out now

Recall that earlier, Apple and Google had surprised everyone by announcing that they were working jointly on the development of an API to allow the development of digital tracking applications to better follow the spread of the Covid-19. The contact tracing API is now available. Called Exposure Notifications, this contact tracing API is now available in iOS and Android operating systems.

What does this mean exactly? This API allows developers or governments to create applications that can help perform digital contact tracing. It also offers the possibility of alerting users if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. The system uses Bluetooth and works automatically. This, as soon as two devices are nearby and the functionality is active.

The fact that this API is integrated in iOS and Android should make its adoption much easier. That being said, Apple and Google have more than once reminded that whether or not to activate this feature remains at the sole discretion of the user. For example, he will have to give his express authorization to send and share his data if he should fall ill. A safeguard is necessary to protect the privacy of users. Unfortunately, if they decide to refuse, the entire efficiency of the system will be affected. The fact remains that the two tech giants offer a perfectly operational solution in this period of crisis. They will remove the API remotely once the pandemic ends.

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