Scribble Will Turn Your Handwriting To Text in iPadOS 14

The operating system which rocks the Apple iPad is known as iPadOS. And in WWDC 2020, there are various new features introduced on iPadOS 14.  Since iPad’s popular accessory is Apple Pencil, we have a new feature specially designed for Apple Pencil. If you are a user of Apple Pencil, I can bet you will love the new Scribble feature.

Today, We saw a variety of new features like in Messages, etc, but one of the coolest features which excite me is Scribble. What is Scribble? What is the functionality of Scribble? Let’s talk about the new iPad OS feature down below.

Scribble Will Turn Your Handwriting To Text in iPadOS 14

Scribble gives your handwriting a special power. Let’s suppose you are writing a phone number (via Pencil) on notes, then you will have to remember it and then type it again in the dialer. But those days are gone now! With Scribble, you can directly call the number written in notes, hassle-free!

Not only phone numbers, but there are multiple things as well. Like an address. So you write down an address in notes, just tap on it, bingo! You can access that hand-written address on Apple Maps without the need of typing it again, isn’t it amazing? For now, this feature is useable in two languages including English and Chinese.

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Scribble Will Turn Your Handwriting To Text in iPadOS 14

Scribble not just give you writing powers but also make your art better. So you are drawing a triangle, and ouch. You mistakenly drew one of the sides a bit off, that’s sad, isn’t it? But with the new Scribble feature, your art automatically gets fixed. If your art isn’t that good (like me), then scribble can give you the powers. Scribble will auto-correct the shapes you draw, check out the gif below for more understanding:

Scribble Will Turn Your Handwriting To Text in iPadOS 14

Apple Pen Is One Of The Few Apple Products That Doesn’t Disappoint

With these new features introduced with iPad OS, I really wish Apple Pencils were compatible with iPhones. Apple is working hard to improve handwriting recognition etc. The second generation of Apple Pencil comes at a price tag of $129 and comes with various new features. The Apple Pencil can be wirelessly paired and charged. And to make them accessible, you can attach the pen magnetically. Apple has also worked on precision. And some other features introduced like  Tilt and pressure sensitivity, Imperceptible lag, and Free engraving. And with the latest Scribble feature, the functionality of Apple Pencil gets even better. Do let me know your thoughts on the new Scribble feature down below!


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