BOE to supply on-cell OLEDs for Huawei Mate 40

BOE display

In a surprising move, China’s display maker BOE is said to supply on-cell OLEDs to Huawei. According to reports, the company will supply the new cheaper and effective on-cell OLED for the Huawei Mate 40 series. BOE earlier supplied add-on OLEDs for the Huawei P40 Pro. Interestingly, BOE is the only Chinese display maker to succeed in clinching a deal for on-cell OLED panels to Huawei.

Sources for TheElec have said that the new on-cell OLED for the Mate 40 series will have touch sensors built-in the panel. Hence, with the latest orders, BOE will close the gap of the latest technology with rivals like Samsung and LG.

OLED Displays: On-cell OLED vs add-on OLED

For starters, OLED displays stand for Orangic Light Emitting Diode. Globally, companies like Samsung, LG from Korea, and China’s BOE have been the go-to solutions for vendors as they have perfected the technology for smartphones.

However, Samsung popularized the on-cell OLED technology in the name of Octa(rigid-OLED) and Y-Octa(Flexible-OLED). It had a touch electrode on top of the encapsulation layer built within the panel. This allowed an external film to be placed over the touch panel. Therefore, this made the displays thinner and cheaper than older add-on OLED.

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Huawei Mate 40

Winning the bid for Mate 40 Pro

Now, BOE seems to have achieved the technology. And as the report says, it will supply the panels for Huawei for the Mate 40 series which is slated to launch sometime between September to October. The report also says that BOE, albeit being an exclusive vendor for the standard Mate 40, will co-supply the panels along with Samsung, and LG for the Mate 40 Pro.

This is not the first time as BOE has attempted to sell the on-cell OLED panels to Huawei for the P40 series. But apparently, it had to stick to the add-on OLED for the standard P40. Samsung and LG, which grabbed the order for the on-cell OLED orders for the Huawei P40 Pro Plus. They will have to watch out for BOE as the company seems to be marching ahead quickly. 

BOE, as a Chinese company has come a long way before achieving this feat. It failed to clear the tests for Apple’s iPhone displays. However, this latest development may just help them to close a deal with Apple. That’s not all. As the Chinese company is also involved in innovating new displays like the under-display camera technology. And despite competitors like Visionox, CSOT, the company has stood out to be the first Chinese company to win a bid from Huawei.

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