Get some cheap IR thermometers with Aliexpress deals

IR thermometers

Considering the current world situation with the pandemic at the worst it’s ever been, at least in some countries, some products may come in handy more than others. As you may have already guessed from the title, in this article we’ll be talking about IR thermometers from Aliexpress.

Of course, these aren’t the typical home devices, although you can still use them for your dearest ones, but they’re something more suited for professionals and business. Give one to your employee and let them easily check the temperature of anybody that comes in. And today we have plenty of them on sale for you with  quite affordable prices, so you can buy a good number of them and always have one as a backup.

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All of them are the so called “gun” IR thermometers with the shape resembling a gun, making it easy to hold and aim. Every model is offering a large LCD screen with three colors to distinguish the actual levels of temperature and of course showing the numbers in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Measurements are extremely quick with about 2 seconds and you can switch between the body / object measuring. There is a memory function too so it can hold plenty of the latest data.

Our today’s offer comes from two separate Aliexpress listings, but there are 14 different thermometers in one and even 16 in the other. So you can really choose just the ideal one for you. Prices are starting from $8.34 and $8.99 respectively, so it’s really nothing expensive. Check it out.

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