OnePlus 8T will use a standard Type-C fast charging head

OnePlus 8T

In recent times, there have been a couple of official information regarding the upcoming OnePlus 8T. The latest of these is that this smartphone will come with a standard Type-C fast charging head. This information is from OnePlus CEO, Liu Zuohu. This means that the OnePlus 8T will not only come with a 65W ultra-fast flash charging support. In addition, the charging head is also compatible with PD protocol fast charging. The PD fast charging hits 45W maximum.

OnePlus 8T

In this way, you can charge Macbooks, Type-C power computers, PD protocol fast charging mobile phones, game consoles, and other devices. Of course, the OnePlus 8T data cable is also a dual-C cable, thus it offers the best charging.

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OnePlus 8T display offers much more

In addition, OnePlus8T uses a 120Hz flexible straight screen, with an average JNCD of 0.3. Compared with OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 8T is more like the “FHD version of OnePlus 8T Pro”, its resolution is Full HD, while OnePlus 8 Pro is 2K+. More importantly, OnePlus 8T has obtained Displaymate A+ certification, and its automatic brightness adjustment has been upgraded to 8192. This certification means that the display is more comfortable to use.


The OnePlus 8T’s display has an 8192 level automatic brightness adjustment and JNCD average 0.3. The former is regarded as one of the highlights of this OnePlus8T screen. Relative to the 4096-level brightness adjustment of the OnePlus 8 series, the experience will be more comfortable.

For example, when moving from a bright environment to a darker environment, sudden changes in light aggravate the glare of the smartphone screen. The 8192-level brightness adjustment can help to smoothen the screen brightness and bring a softer vision.

As for JNCD, this is mainly related to the colour display of the screen. JNCD is a good way to weigh the colour accuracy. It generally reflects the colour shift level. The smaller the value, the smaller the colour shift and the more accurate the color display. The average JNCD of the OnePlus 8T is 0.3. The current industry standard is JNCD<2, and some top Android flagships can reach 0.4 or 0.5.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max, which has always been known for its excellent colour performance, is roughly around 0.8. The OnePlus8T will provide way better viewing performance than many top-notch models.

The OnePlus8T will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship processor. According to Liu Zuohu, he can simply describe the OnePlus 8 T as a “true flagship”.

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