Nuts Launches New TNT 2.0 System for Use With Smartisan TNT Go

At today’s Smartisan new product launch conference, the company’s spokesperson said that 2020 is a very special year. He added that ‘we hope to build a phone that can really solve many problems.’

In the era of smartphones, the boundaries between smartphones and computers are getting blurred. There are many things that computers can do, and so can smartphones. The difference is which one you think is more convenient or more efficient (for a certain task). The apps on some smartphones are not available on the computer. So the computer fails to continue the skills and habits you have already mastered on the smartphone. These cannot be solved by upgrading the smartphone or the computer. ‘So what we want to do is to break down the barriers between them and make smartphones and computers truly integrated.’

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Compared with smartphones, the complicated learning costs of computers make it always a psychological burden to open the computer. Though turning on a computer becomes a psychological burden, sometimes it has to be turned on. In fact, there are things that only computers can do. As a semi-entertainment device, the smartphone has a much smaller psychological burden to open it, because all design styles ​​are modern.

Based on this, Smartisan released a new generation of SmartisanTNT 2.0 (Nut smartphone combined with Smartisan TNT Go expansion).

Among them, the new hardware product, the Smartisan TNT Go comes with a 12-inch 2K display. There is also a large built-in 10160mAh battery. The ultra-thin full-size keyboard and a large-area glass touchpad make it look perfect. And also, there is a new Smartisan smart stylus.

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In addition to camera phones, there are gaming phones on the market. But Smartisan still sticks to its own way. They think the next 8 years will still belong to smartphones and computers. So this is the main reason why they are actively working on TNT products.

In addition to the normal functions of mobile browsers, Smartisan has done more: TNT Browser 2.0 is a built-in desktop browser. It uses a 64-bit kernel and supports browser plug-ins. They provide almost the same performance as traditional PCs do.

Limited by the Android memory management mechanism, when there are too many open applications on the general phone, opening a new window will freeze the windows that were opened earlier. In this regard, Nut says that you can open 18 applications at the same time. There is also a shutter function, which allows you to open more application windows on the big screen. Thus, it allows more shopping or chat windows to coexist.

For large screens, Nut has also developed the ‘Hammer Writing’ app. The latter brings a comprehensive improvement in efficiency for the new interface optimized for large screens. It supports Markdown syntax, the insertion of ‘time capsule’, and many more.

In addition, Nut has completely renovated the UI of the TNT system. The basic experience has been improved. The same is true for a large number of built-in efficiency tools and the underlying hard core optimization.

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