OPPO Smart TV S1 Biggest Highlights: Why To Buy This TV?

A few days ago, on October 19, 2020, OPPO held a new product launch conference with a theme ‘One More Step into the New World’. At this event, the manufacturer released its first flagship smart TV, namely the OPPO Smart TV S1. There was another model dubbed as the OPPO Smart TV R1.

OPPO Smart TV S1

As said, with this move, OPPO officially entered the smart TV market and it will begin making tough competition to other similar brands like Huawei, OnePlus, Nokia, etc. By the way, we shouldn’t compare all these brands with Xiaomi because the latter has been in this niche for a while and has reached certain heights.

OPPO Smart TV S1 Key Features

At the same time, around a series of strategic IoT products, OPPO has also brought new interconnection functions that can change the life of users. They can realize the interoperability of mobile phones, TVs, watches, headphones and other products. Honestly, this is nothing new, but OPPO’s variant of what Huawei and Xiaomi have introduced before.

OPPO Smart TV S1

Among them, the biggest bright spot is naturally the fast and non-sense connectivity between devices, the free sharing of content, and the intelligent perception experience.

What deserves your attention is the 65-inch OPPO Smart TV S1.

It uses the industry-leading 4k quantum dot QLED panel. The latter is officially claimed to cover up to NTSC 120% ultra-wide color gamut, to support up to 1.07 billion colors, etc. Also, the screen color performance is more vivid and full.

OPPO Smart TV S1

With the 210-zone full-array backlight, the peak brightness can reach 1500 nits. Thus, it can achieve precise control of light and dark.

In terms of sound, the OPPO Smart TV S1 has also achieved a complete subversion.

The sound quality experience of the OPPO Smart TV S1 was jointly created by the OPPO Acoustics team and Danish high-end Hi-Fi audio brand Dynaudio. It innovatively uses 18 stereo surround speakers to achieve a 5.1.2 channel layout.

OPPO Smart TV S1

With the 85W super-power audio system, it creates an enveloping immersive sound field for users.

OPPO made it clear that this is the first time it has made efforts in the TV field. So OPPO hopes to bring a surprise to users. As for us, we should say, the company could achieve the effect it planned.

At last, the OPPO smart TV S1 costs 7,999 yuan ($1196).

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