Google Pixel 5 Users Displeased With Its Volume Issue

Google Pixel 5 Volume Issue

Google Pixel 5 was launched last month. It is different from the previous Pixel number lineup as this one is cheaper than the previous generation.  At just $699, Google aims to provide top-notch photography and a good software experience. But did the cheap pricing affect the quality of the product? Well, many issues have arrived for Pixel 5 and the most recent one is related to volume controls. Let’s check out what the Google Pixel 5 volume issue is all about.

There are 2 issues coming from volume controls on the Pixel 5 smartphone. When you’re watching a video on Pixel 5, the volume automatically reduces. As a result, you have to increase the volume from time to time. This seems to be a software problem and can be fixed with an update. If you are someone like me who is watching YouTube videos while eating, you can’t adjust volume from time to time. It is very annoying.

The second issue is more maddening

Now the second problem is of loud volume. Whenever you take a screenshot or dialing a number, the volume will be super loud. It is happening despite dropping the “Ring & Notification Volume” to the lowest. By the way, this also includes the camera shutter button. This is again really annoying. Hey Google, a person sitting with me doesn’t want to know if I am taking selfies or taking a screenshot of a meme.

Google Pixel 5 Volume Issue

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Both of the issues seems to be software related and with a software update, they can be fixed. These issues were not happening to one person but a majority of Pixel 5 users. We found them on the Google Support forum. There is an answer of Google and he says:

“With each new Pixel phone, we work to improve volumes to make sure customers don’t miss important phone calls and notifications.  On Pixel the settings for ringtones and notifications are tied together so these volume changes affect both of these settings.  Thank you for your feedback about these settings and we will work to make improvements in future updates on Pixel 5.”

More issues with the Pixel 5

However, users are not satisfied with this response. The users in reply tell the support that the issue isn’t of ringtones and notifications being tied together. The volume of the screenshot, dial tone, and shutter will remain loud even when the volume is taken to the lowest possible. This is not the first issue coming from Pixel 5. Before the volume issue on Pixel 5, we reported poor build quality and NFC issues as well. We hope Google solves this issue as soon as possible. If you have any other thing related to the Pixel 5 volume issue, feel free to leave in the comments section below.


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