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One of the hottest branches today for those looking to work on the internet is undoubtedly the branch of creating media content which includes video streaming. To get started in this competitive industry, for sure, you need to stand out, think about something new, something that stands out from everyone else. Once you have the necessary equipment to produce quality videos, you will need a good solution to edit your videos and get them ready for the big network.

Of course, before making a decision, you’ll need to analyze all the aspects of usability, intuitiveness, and extra features. Today, we’ll help you to discover if Filmora9 will cover all your YouTuber desires.

For those who want to create content for social networks or develop in professionals are, there are several programs that allow you to edit a video with quality. However, there is a particular software stealing the spotlight lately – Filmora9. Is it really good?

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Filmora provides an easy and intuitive interface allowing you to produce high-quality videos without any hassle. The interface provides complete control of your projects where you can edit it in a timeline. That’s something common among video editors, however, Filmora9 allows users to add a total of 100 videos and 100 audio editing tracks. In this review, we’ll point out some of the main features offered by this advanced video editing tool.

You may be thinking about why you should use Filmora9 rather than other software solutions. Well, we have some features to answer this question. Filmora9 allows you to produce professional videos with minimal effort! Moreover, in these days of high-quality content, it offers 4K, something that is mandatory for becoming future-proof. Moreover, it has a set of features with pre-defined effects to enhance your content and it offers support for almost any video format.

It’s easy to use

Usually, it’s a hard task for beginners to start in the world of video editors. However, Wondershare’s software offers an easy solution to allow fast adaption. It’s possible to notice that the software was developed to allow the user to have easier editing. Everything is very intuitive and the fact that it’s fully translated into several languages helps you to quickly locate the desired featir.

However, if for any reason you still have doubts. The company’s official YouTube channel provides a variety of tutorials to help you get started on your journey.

Ready for YouTube videos

If you are entering the video edition branch with the goal of becoming a YouTuber, you’ll be glad to know that Filmora9 offers a wide array of features that are ready for the giant of video streaming. If you’re familiar with Google’s platform, you probably know that there are many details that need to be fulfilled when an edition a video for YouTube. That includes reaching a specific size and quality so that the final product will meet the expectations of the users of the site. In this sense, Filmora9 takes the lead.

The software offers a shortcut that allows the user to quickly export a video to his respective YouTube channel. As a result, the user will be saving a lot of time since he doesn’t need to wait for the video to process and then upload it to the channel. Filmora9 combines these two steps, therefore, allowing the editor and his public to quickly access the content.

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Other Interesting Features

Apart from the YouTube-ready interface, Filmora allows the users to easily add overlays, animations, and elements like GIFs, images, music, and text to video. Therefore, you can easily create unique and customized content in a short time. As usual in video editing Softwares, Filmora9 also has tools that allow you to crop footage, increase or decrease the size. You can also adjust some video settings like rotating or flipping the image and remove the noise. An interesting feature allows the user to apply blur to some parts of the video to focus on one. There is a Mosaic option that allows the user to blur some parts of the video and adjust the percentage of the effect.

During the development of this software, Wondershare was targeting the common user. For that reason, it lacks some advanced features but those are just some shortcomings in the complete package. Of course, there is an option for feature requests where you can submit to Wondershare some of your ideas for future updates.

Worth noting that Filmora9 can also edit a set of videos for mobile smartphones. The software can even adapt your videos to the square format required by Instagram or the 3:4 aspect ratio required for TikTok. These two social media networks are the most relevant nowadays, through Filmora9 you can easily become a hit.

Many “easy-to-apply” special effects

One of the biggest challenges for users when dealing with a video edition involves the creation of effects capable of giving a unique style to videos. Many Softwares will require you a long study time before applying on screen a planned effect. In Filmora9, you can find effects ready to insert in a video with ease.

Wondershare also allows direct integration with Filmstock. It’s a platform that allows the user to easily download a series of effects to use in Filmora9. It’s possible to download distinct effects for different videos, there are effects focused on quick vlogs as well as game-focused ones. It offers animations for the intro or for the words that will appear during the video.

Professional Quality

We told you many times through this review, that Filmora9 is easy to use. In the same vein, we told you that it lacks some advanced features since its focus is on the overall users. Despite this fact, you’ll still be able to create content with professional quality. If you’re looking for an even more complete program, the tip is to get to know FilmoraPro.

FilmoraPro was developed for those who already have a certain experience in this segment. The Pro variant offers advanced editing tools like motion tracking and the possibility of creating unique effects for your content. Many users start their work at Filmora9 and evolve to FilmoraPro over time as they become professional editors.

How to Download Filmora9?

If you are interested in the Filmora9 video editor, you can download it for free straight from the official website of Wondershare! Recently, online video consumption has increased by more than 90%, with the right software tool you can start your carrier in video editing or on YouTube.

Download Filmora9 Video Editor

The software’s latest version is and Wondershare is constantly providing new features and support. So, you’ll novel feel along through your journey with Filmora9!

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