Amazon cooperates with the U.S. government to check counterfeit products

Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will jointly conduct counterfeit inspections with US government regulatory organizations. This is the latest effort of the e-commerce platform to solve the problem of counterfeit products. Amazon said the company will cooperate with the National Intellectual Property Coordination Center under the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service to “analyze data and conduct targeted inspections to prevent counterfeit products from entering the US supply chain”. Any evidence from the inspection will be vital to the ongoing investigation. It will also help to track down criminals.

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The operation, called “Operation Fulfillment Action”, is led by Amazon’s counterfeit crime department. The team was established earlier this year and consists of former federal prosecutors, investigators, and data analysts who mine information on the website and cooperate with federal prosecutors.

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The Amazon marketplace, launched in 2000, now accounts for more than half of the company’s total sales. It is a key driver of Amazon’s overall business. However, it also faces some issues related to counterfeit, unsafe, and expired products. Counterfeit goods are particularly harmful to Amazon’s relationship with some brands, such as Nike and Birkenstock, which left Amazon after the surge in counterfeit goods.

The company has stepped up its efforts to combat counterfeit goods on the platform. It has pursued counterfeiters in court, launched various programs to find and detect the sale of counterfeit goods, and continues to block millions of suspicious criminal accounts and items.

Amazon still have issues with thieves posing as “delivery guys”

In addition to counterfeit or fake products, this company has also been dealing with theft. It is becoming increasingly common for Amazon delivery employees to try to bolt with products. The good thing is these guys do not go free in most cases.

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Recently, an Amazon delivery personnel replaced several units of PS5 with other items. When buyers get their PlayStation 5, they find items like pet food, foot massagers, and a bag of bulgur in the box.

Also, five Amazon employees in Spain were arrested with iPhones worth over $500,000 from a logistic center in Madrid. The company (Amazon) had to launch an internal investigation to reveal the culprits. Amazon noticed a significant change in the weights of several iPhone boxes before it launched the operation. Just like other huge companies, Amazon has to deal with these irregularities for its business to stay intact.

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