OPPO Find X3 To Bring First Mature Under-Screen Camera Technology

OPPO Find X3 under-screen camera

The major smartphone makers always try to find new directions for development. For this year, we see two directions – folding screen smartphones and under-screen camera smartphones. However, both technologies face many difficulties when they should already go on mass production. But this doesn’t stop the main players to work hard and bring their innovations before their rivals will do. In this sense, we have already heard to many news concerning the upcoming under-screen smartphones of various manufacturers. First of all, when talking about this, we mean the China-based first-tier companies. But Samsung and Apple don’t fall behind as well. For example, Samsung recently applied for a trademark called UPC (Under Panel Camera). Let’s take a look.

OPPO Find X3 under-screen camera

OPPO and Rivals

The UPC / Under Panel Camera trademark relates to smartphone displays and TV display panels. Currently, the first product with UPC technology is an OLED notebook, which Samsung has officially announced. However, in the field of smartphones, Samsung’s under-screen camera technology has not made any progress.

In contrast, Chinese smartphone manufacturers have made rapid progress in the field of under-screen cameras. OPPO is a typical example. As early as the MWC Shanghai station in mid-2019, it demonstrated its own under-screen camera solutions. As shown in the photo, OPPO’s under-screen camera technology has been very mature, and the prototype equipped with this technology can already be used for selfies and unlocking. It seems to have reached the standard for mass production.

Gizchina News of the week

According to reports, OPPO’s under-screen camera technology hides the selfie lens in the middle of the top of the screen. It is a separate area when taking selfies or unlocking. But it usually completes display tasks with the rest of the screen, and also supports touch operations. Outside the screen is a complete glass panel, which plays a protective role and also hides the junction of the two screens.

OPPO Find X3 To Debut The Most Mature Under-Screen Camera

OPPO’s under-screen camera technology is likely to be launched on the Find X3 that is going to hit the market in the first quarter of this year. OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong has previously revealed that Find X3 is OPPO’s flagship ‘ideal for ten years’ and a key product for OPPO’s high-end breakthrough. If there is the addition of under-screen camera technology, it will undoubtedly be more attractive.

Apart from this, we have heard that the OPPO Find X3 will also be equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor. Its AnTuTu running score is as high as 770K. At the same time, we have learned that the Find X3 may also come with a 3K+ high refresh rate screen. This phone will also bring the first full-link color management system and a dual-camera solution for imaging. The ultra-wide-angle lens will be a Sony customized sensor. The overall strength is expected to be excellent.

So compared to Samsung, OPPO has made more rapid progress in the field of under-screen camera technology. It demonstrated the corresponding technology two years ago, and the Find X3 is also expected to become the industry’s first phone with a mature technology.

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