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It’s not strange for Apple to change the narrative in the smartphone industry. With the launch of the iPhone 12 series, Apple became the first company to release a phone without a charger in the box. Interestingly, the likes of Xiaomi and Samsung swiftly did the same with their flagships. Apple claims that it removes the charger due to environmental protection. However, many users do not believe this claim. It appears that removing the charger is only the first step, Apple will do more to cut costs. According to a recent report, the company will change the after-sales policy of the iPhone 12. Specifically, it will discontinue some free replacement benefits for this device.

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The company has informed its authorized service providers that for the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12, some issues that will usually attract a whole unit replacement will get repairs at best. According to an internal memo, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 that have power issues, logic board issues, Face ID, or device enclosure issues (cracked glass) will now get repairs instead of the usual whole unit replacement.

iPhone 12 mini & 12 will hardly get a whole unit replacement

It is very common for users to take advantage of Apple’s after-sales service when the warranty period is approaching. However, this will not be very easy and straight-forward anymore. Apple has been restricting this phenomenon in recent years, but the current policy is different. Apple will provide authorized service providers with a set of iPhone spare parts. The parts include the battery, logic board, wireless charging coil, Taptic Engine, Face ID system, and so on. However, it will not provide the display and camera.

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Under the new policy, if users (iPhone 12/12 mini) encounter issues, they can replace the bad part. This is different from the previous pattern of replacing the entire device. However, for you to qualify for repairs, some vital parts of the phone must be free of damage. For instance, to change a bad glass rear, the display and rear camera must be free of damage.

Apple claims that it is doing this to ensure environmental protection. The company also claims that this move supports its ongoing commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of every product it sells. At present, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 are taking the lead. The after-sales policy of the higher-end iPhone12 Pro and 12 Pro Max has no change. However, it is obvious that their change is coming sooner or later.

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