Is it possible to have a 100MP front camera phone?

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The smartphone industry is consistently developing and presently, even the “impossible” is possible. About a decade ago, it was unimaginable to think that we could have a 24MP camera on a smartphone. At the time, a single 5MP sensor on the rear and a 0.2MP camera on the front seems just enough. However, we now have up to 108MP sensors on the rear of a smartphone. On the front, we have a couple of devices with up to 44MP. Looking at the current developmental trend in the smartphone industry, it is obvious that we will have more soon. According to a recent report, we will soon be having a 100MP front camera phone.

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The report from @DigitalChatStation also claims that we will also have a new high-resolution camera with OIS. While the high-resolution camera with OIS seems great, the 100MP front camera feels like hardware stacking. Presently, the front camera of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is just 12MP, however, it performs just fine. 

There is more to a camera than just pixel size. The pixel size does not guarantee camera performance. There are a lot of features and optimizations that cameras need to get before they can perform optimally. You can see our list of top 10 selfie camera phones for reference.

Presently, we have smartphones with dual front cameras and very high pixels. In fact, many of these cameras come with 4K video capability and some sort of anti-shake. These are applaudable improvements to the front camera of smartphones. However, a 100MP front camera phone seems way too much.

If this report is true, then we can be sure that Android manufacturers will be the first to use this sensor. Of course, Apple is still at 12MP and iPhone users seem to be just fine. It will not be a surprise if Vivo is actually the first to use this sensor. It has always taken the lead when it comes to increasing the selfie camera pixel size.

Nevertheless, users will have to know that if the front uses a 100MP sensor, the rear will have to use a lower pixel size sensor. If both sides use 100MP cameras, then the smartphone will be unnecessarily expensive. This will not be very attractive for the market.

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