How Could Samsung Capture 90% Of Folding Screen Smartphones Market?

A recent analysis report released by DSCC pointed out that in 2020, the global sales of folding smartphones were increased by 454% year-on-year, reaching to 3 million units. Simply put, foldable phones are gradually gaining consumers recognition. And in Q3 and Q4 of 2020, Samsung has a market share of up to 90%.

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Samsung Could Quickly Improve Folding Screen Phone Technology

At the end of 2019, Samsung launched the first folding phone dubbed the Galaxy Fold. But just a few months later, it launched the world’s most mature folding screen smartphone in the face of the Galaxy Z Flip. Moreover, it released the third-generation folding phone Galaxy Z in September 2020. We should admit that Samsung mastered this technology very quickly. However, this is not surprising.

Samsung is the world’s largest and most technically strong small and medium-sized OLED panel manufacturer. It started developing OLED panel technology as early as 2007. In fact, this company has started working on folding OLED panel technology very early. So it is logical that Samsung took the lead in demonstrating a folding smartphone prototype in the third quarter of 2018.

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Samsung folding screen smartphones

Based on Samsung’s years of accumulation in OLED panel technology and multiple considerations of external folding technology and external folding technology, it was the first to finalize the internal folding solution. On the contrary, Huawei and other companies have adopted external folding solutions. After more than two years of practical testing, Huawei, Motorola and other smartphone vendors have finally adopted the internal folding solution. But this only shows how far Samsung has gone.

The Unique Design Of Samsung’s Folding Screen Smartphones

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 uses the world’s first ultra-thin foldable glass (UTG) technology. The processing and strengthening technology of this ultra-thin glass is currently at the world’s leading level. This technology allows the company to solve two problems of the durability and reliability in one fell swoop.

The third-generation hinge on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 uses a cam structure’s multi-angle rotation stop folding technology. The newly upgraded magnetic support ensures the safety of the smartphone when it is fully folded. At last, the phone has a dustproof fiber technology, which uses the cleaning fiber made of ultra-micro cutting technology. The latter can effectively cover the gap.

Huawei Mate X2 Is Not A Game-Changer

Though there are three major smartphone makers offering their folding screen smartphones, Samsung is an absolute leader. What’s more interesting, in the niche, Huawei is only fourth after Motorola and Rouyu.

Samsung has a huge advantage in the smartphone industry chain. It is a global leader in smartphone design, chips, storage, OLED panels and other segments. So it was easier for Samsung to lead this niche.

Limited by BOE’s technology and capacity disadvantages, the newly launched Mate X2 is facing serious capacity problems. And though this phone got all possible praises from consumers and media, if there is no option to buy, it will yield Samsung in terms of popularity and market share.

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