Three more new colours of iPhone 12 cases exposed

Earlier, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 silicone protective case was exposed in new colours. At that time, the exposure shows four new colours. However, the latest report now shows that there are three new colours of this silicone case. The colours of these cases are not all from the same source. After the initial report which shows four colours, the latest follow up report from another source shows another three colours. This will give the iPhone 12 users multiple options in terms of protective case colour.

iPhone 12 silicone case

The new colours are red (probably PRODUCT RED), a cyan or light blue, and a warm yellow. Unlike previous leaks, this “MajinBu” leak did not quote Apple’s names for different colors. Nevertheless, these are not official teasers from Apple.

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the iPhone case colours for the spring series. We expect the company to release this information at an upcoming event on April 21. Last year, Apple released a similarly revised series of mobile phone cases for iPhone 11 in March.

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Apple serial numbers for new products will no longer be regular

According to a recent report, Apple will use new digital serial numbers (10 to 12 digits) for its new devices. This serial number will be random and will no longer hold vital information about the product.


The company has already sent a reminder to its dealers and distributors to ensure that their “systems, warehouses, and processes are in place and able to receive and ship the two serial number formats.”

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Apple’s old serial number contains information on the device launch date and time. However, the new random serial number format will be more difficult to understand. A recent report partly reads

“Apple’s current serial number format has long allowed both customers and service providers to determine the date and location that a product was manufactured, with the first three characters representing the manufacturing location and the following two indicating the year and week of manufacture. The last four characters currently serve as a “configuration code,” revealing a device’s model, color, and storage capacity”.

Back in March, there was a report that Apple will change its serial number pattern. Presently, it appears that the new serial number format will take effect from early this year. We are still in the first half of the year thus we can consider it as “early 2021”

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