After Harmony OS Update, Huawei Mate X2 Provides Better Performance

Harmony OS

Recently, Huawei’s Harmony 2.0 system has begun public testing. Many users have signed up and received Huawei’s notification for upgrading. To be clear, through this update, the system will switch from the Android-based EMUI 11 to Harmony OS.

Harmony OS Runs More Smoothly Than Android

We have already reported that the change doesn’t affect the smoothness of the operations. Some of the users even think that in certain scenarios, the experience is better than the Android system.

A few days ago, a well-known Weibo blogger simply tested the performance of Mate X2 running on the Harmony OS 2.0. Particularly, he played two most-popular mobile games of ‘Honor of Kings’ and ‘Peace Elite’. Both games were tested at the highest picture quality of ultimate picture quality and HDR anti-aliasing mode, respectively. As the blogger proves, the fluency and stability are better than those of EMUI 11. Plus, the power consumption is also lower.

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In terms of system fluency, the blogger also compared the Mate 40 Pro running on EMUI 11 and found that the app opening and switching speeds are basically the same. So there is every reason to think the current Harmony OS 2.0 encapsulates the Harmony and AOSP Android 10 dual architecture, and most of the existing app operating environments still use Android. Therefore, the fluency improvement is relatively limited.

Harmony OS’ Era Is Coming

Recently, Huawei has explained the difference between Harmony OS and other mobile systems, saying that Harmony OS is not a substitute for Android, nor is it a copy of iOS. The real development of Harmony started in May 2016. In fact, Huawei has been doing it for 5 years. And Harmony OS is positioned as an operating system in the era of Internet of Everything.

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Well, Huawei has started switching from Android to its own system. Nothing can stop this process. And in the near future, when most of the Huawei smartphones will be running this system, the company will be able to understand the shortcomings, make fixes, and turning Harmony OS into a real competitor to Android and iOS.

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