iFixit disassembles Apple AirTag tracker – the entire body is a speaker

On April 21st, Apple held a new product launch conference where it released the AirTag tracker. This product has a unit price of 229 yuan ($35), supports UWB ultra-wideband radio technology, and can emit sound. When it’s on a key, wallet, or other items, they can be accurately located. Since the iPhone can track this device, it prevents items from getting lost.

Apple AirTag tracker

iFixit recently disassembled this product and revealed the full internals of this device. According to the disassembly, this device comes with replaceable button batteries. Just like the Samsung SmartTag, Apple’s AirTag comes with the common CR2032 battery.

Apple AirTag tracker

First, the metal backplate of AirTag can rotate counterclockwise, and this is the first step for the disassembly. The user can rotate and open with bare hands, but it is not easy to open if the fingers are slippery or greasy. According to iFixit, the Apple AirTag is the most difficult to open relative to other products. It is actually talking about the Samsung SmartTag and Tile Mate trackers.

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Apple AirTag tracker

After removing the metal back cover and battery, the AirTag body can be opened by using a vise and a rocker. The disassembly shows that the back cover is very tight and needs extreme care to open.

Apple AirTag is pretty easy to disassemble

The Apple AirTag comes with a high-turn copper coil in the center and a magnet in the center of the upper half of the housing. Due to the compact size of the product, Apple decided to use the entire AirTag body as a speaker. The company uses the diaphragm inside the plastic cover to produce sound.

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This product comes with a UWB ultra-wideband technology, and three antenna components can be seen on the circuit board. In addition, it can be seen from X-rays that Apple AirTag volume is the lowest relative to the Samsung SmartTag and Tile Mate. However, in terms of close integration, the AirTag has the highest level.

According to previous reviews, it is possible to drill a hole on the AirTag without damaging the internal circuit board. This will prevent users from purchasing a protective cover/key ring separately. This product is priced at 229 yuan ($35) each, and the four-piece set cost 779 yuan ($120).

This is a very handy gadget especially for those who do not know how to keep their valuables close. However, do you think it is worth the $35 price tag? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below

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