A User Requires $5 Million From Apple Because Of His Exploded iPhone 6

exploded iPhone 6

Robert Franklin from Hopkins, Texas, recently took Apple to court for a battery explosion in his iPhone 6 in 2019.

According to court documents, the plaintiff claimed that the battery of the iPhone 6 was defective and could not reliably complete the charging process without overheating, thereby posing a great safety risk.

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Franklin pointed to the injuries on his arm and eyes, and he was still vividly remembering what happened on August 15, 2019. At that time, he was listening to music on his iPhone 6, which was purchased in 2018. Suddenly the music paused, and Franklin took the phone to check it out, and the phone exploded. “In an attempt to mitigate his fall, Mr. Franklin instinctively tried to brace himself with his right hand. When Mr. Franklin fell to the ground, he immediately felt a burning pain in his eyes and right wrist. Mr. Franklin suffered injuries to his eyes and wrist as a result of this incident, and these injuries continue to plague Mr. Franklin to this day.”

Robert Franklin Requires $5 Million

Franklin is still seeking a class action lawsuit to obtain a total of more than $5 million in compensation. The class action alleges that the user’s iPhone 6 was unsafe to operate. And the reason lays behind the battery defect. Also, the user got economic loss.

“Members of the putative class have the same defective iPhone 6 battery and will incur substantially similar economic loss damages associated with the loss and replacement of their iPhone 6s and possible medical treatments.”

Also, the class action lawsuit alleges that consumers were provided an express warranty at the time of sale of the iPhone 6. But there is no information where the iPhone 6 was purchased and whether it is second-hand. After all, the iPhone 6 was released in 2015 and the owner only bought it in 2018.

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Anyway, this is a common practice for smartphone makers. As for the Cupertino-based company, it has faced tons of class action lawsuits over its iPhone batteries. For example, we can recall the case happened in January, when consumers from Italy filed a €60 million (roughly $73 million) class action lawsuit over the iPhones’ battery life.

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