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iOS 13

Apple will hold the WWDC2019 conference in San Jose, USA on June 3. At this event, it will announce iOS 13, MacOS 10.15, and WatchOS …

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According to a report from “State of Mobile Device Repair & Security” collected by the data security company Blancco, Samsung gained the crown of failures …

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Bezel-less design is the latest chinese mantra for the success with a new phone and Elephone is clearly extremely proud with their S3 model, that …

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Bluboo pit the Bluboo Xtouch against the iPhone 6 and OnePlus 2 in fingerprint unlock speed and accuracy test.

How good is the Doogee F3 Pro? It’s so good that it not only competes with, but also beats the iPhone 6 in photography — if you …

Can a $50 phone really compare to the iPhone 6 when it comes to camera quality? Bluboo believe so and have put together a camera comparison between the 2 devices.

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See how the OnePlus 2, the iPhone 6 and the Ulefone Be Touch 2 fare against one another in this fingerprint unlock speed test video!

ELEPHONE p8000 specifications

Elephone just posted a video of their upcoming P8000. The video shows a dude trying to bend the chassis of the P8000 and iPhone 6. Who wins?

leaked elephone

Elephone might currently be known for the terrible looking bezels of the P7000 and P8000, but they intend to change that with another (yes another) device.

The Blade S6 series of phones from ZTE look like they take inspiration from the iPhone, but the devices are well-worth, at least on paper, in themselves.

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ulefone dare n1

A single leaked photo has appeared showing us what we can expect next from Chinese phone maker Ulefone and their new Dare N1 flagship.

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blackview ultra

Blackview, sounds like the name of a private security company doesn’t it? Well they aren’t, they are the latest smartphone manufacturer from China to try and tempt your wallet in the entry-level to mid-range market.

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Lenovo’s iPhone 6 wannabe hits stores with a price tag that doesn’t reflect its looks.

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zte q7

iPhone 6 clones are cropping up from all over the place, even big name companies are getting in on the act. Here is ZTE’s offering the ZTE Q7.

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lenovo sisley

Lenovo’s iPhone 6 wannabe has made its second appearance this week, this time at TENAA for an official stamp of approval.

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Early hands on photos of the all metal Lenovo SISLEY show us a new Android device with iPhone 6 aspirations.

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iPhone 6 fever has hit China as much as every country, but as always it is only Chinese manufacturers who are quick to make cheap knock offs.

sophone i6

Another of China’s infamous clone makers have clawed their way out of the woodwork with their own interpretation of an iPhone 6 clone.

vphone i6 iphone 6 clone

Well it didn’t take long, but this time it isn’t GooPhone that have done the unspeakable, but Vphone with their own iPhone 6 clone.

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meizu mx4 apple iphone 6

Chinese upstarts OnePlus and Meizu are already pointing fun at the recently launched iPhone 6 range with a couple of images posted on their respective Facebook pages.