Official video comparing Elephone S3 with iPhone 6/Plus

Bezel-less design is the latest chinese mantra for the success with a new phone and Elephone is clearly extremely proud with their S3 model, that they managed to reach the bezel-less status. Or to be fair and exact the status of “looking as almost bezel-less”. While from the design stand point it’s surely a positive thing, i’m not sure if you can base the whole marketing on just this simple fact. But the Elephone marketing experts apparently think so.

To emphasize their point we have today’s video where the Elephone S3 takes on some real heavyweights with comparison to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. All the phones are running the same video clip so you can clearly see how the bezels on each look and behave. And surprise surprise seems like S3 really has the thinnest bezel design of them all.

But enough of the empty chatter and you can judge for yourselves checking out the following video.

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