Rumors Claim That The iPhone 15 Will Adopt A Curved Titanium Back Frame

There has been a new kind of rumors circulating on social media lately concerning the Apple iPhone 15. In as much as this rumor is quite hard to believe, it is still worth talking about. A well known leakster by name ShrimpApplePro posted on Twitter that the next generation of iPhone will come with a different design from what we all expect.

The iPhone 15 May Have A Curved Back Panel IPhone 15

According to him, the iPhone 15 Will have a Curved back panel. Instead of the flat panel we are used to seeing since the iPhone 12 series to the 14 series. This is a very early rumor but there is an iota of truth in there. Owing to the fact that the latest MacBook Pro came with a similar design.

If this rumor ends up being true, then Apple’s next flagship smartphones will pick up from the design of the Apple iPhone 5c. Before you panic, note that the same source of such rumor added that, the iPhone 15 will come with a Titanium material. So we can at least find comfort in the fact the device will have a top notch premium feel to it.

Apple Is Well Known For Going Back To Old Designs

Going back and forth on designs is something that Apple is not new to. If you do remember, the first series of iPhones had Curved back designs until the iPhone 4 came into the scene. The iPhone 4 series, 5 series (except 5c) and the first iPhone SE all used flat edges and back designs.

The round edged iPhone 6 series came in and looked as if Apple was going to stick to that design. But that design was buried again to pave way for another flat panel design. Just like the iPhone 4 series, the iPhone 12 series also had a flat edge and back panel.

The iPhone 15 Will Have A Comfortable Feel IPhone 15

If you happen to own any of the iPhone 12, 13 or 14 series. Then you would agree with me that it does not feel so comfortable in the palm. Despite the fact that the flat panel design is a very beautiful and a premium looking design.

But if the iPhone 15 is to adopt the curved back panel design. It should come as a great news for many iPhone users. This is because you are getting the beautify flat panel design with a touch of ergonomic feel to it. Unlike the sharp edge design that makes it uncomfortable to hold, this new design will surely sit comfortably in your palm.

Source / Via : PhoneArena

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