#bendgate: Elephone P8000 vs iPhone 6. Does it bend?

ELEPHONE p8000 specifications

#Antennagate and then #bendgate, Apple’s iPhones have given the internet a lot to talk about. And this is also something Chinese companies leverage when marketing for their own phones, as you shall see here.

Elephone’s newest flagship (that exists) is the P8000. It has a MediaTek MT6753 CPU and 3GB RAM, fingerprint sensor… just the usual 5.5-inch flagship from China. The previous flagship, i.e., the P7000 suffered from bending issues, which seem to haunt Elephone. Which is why the company is keen on making future buyers realize they’ve done work on the chassis of the P8000 to make it better.

Elephone just posted a video in which a guy is shown bending the chassis of the P8000 and the iPhone 6. Naturally, the iPhone 6 chassis is shown to be a lot easier to bend. The dude even completed the last rites by breaking the iPhone 6 chassis into two pieces.

Gimmick or feature? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Oh and yes, don’t forget to watch (and enjoy) the video!

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