ColorOS 11 for OnePlus 8/8 Pro/8T now available

OnePlus 8

Today, OnePlus officially announced the release of the ColorOS 11 early adopter version for OnePlus 8/8 Pro/8T. Note that this version is an early adopter version and may have instability and compatibility issues. If you do not have any experience with the early adopter software version, we recommend that you skip this update. However, if you must get this update, then make sure you back up all your files.

ColorOS 11

Update Tips

1. Please note that this version is an early adopter of ColorOS. The system stability may pose certain potential risks and poor experience.

2. This version currently only supports the Chinese version of OnePlus 8/8 Pro / 8T. Users can flash back to a stable update if they wish to.

3. Updating to this version and rolling back to an older version will erase the smartphone data.

4. This version needs to be flashed by a computer, please make sure that the computer operating system is Windows 10.

5. After upgrading to this early version of ColorOS, the follow-up upgrade will not be via OTA. You will need to flash the device again using the same tool (ie the same process as you got the early version).

Known issues

Since this version is an early adopter version, users may encounter the following issues.

1. Overheating of the device for some games

2. Camera thumbnail generation speed may be slow

3. When using 4K 60FPS to record video or 4K 30FPS to turn on super anti-shake, there may be freezing

4. In the case of low brightness and low grayscale, the screen may become reddish;

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5. If the smartphone has been idle for some time, a non-standard charger may not work. You will have to use the standard charger to power it up before using any other fast charger

6. After updating to ColorOS 11, if you need to use face recognition, you need to re-enter the face information.

Questions and answers

Here are some popular questions and the official response from OnePlus

Q: Is the OnePlus account shared with the OPPO account?

A: OnePlus account and OPPO account are temporarily not interoperable, and data or information cannot be shared. If you need to use cloud services, software stores, game centers and other applications, you can log in on the OnePlus official website ( to complete the account upgrade. You can use the OnePlus account after the upgrade.

Q: How often will this version be updated?

A: We will update the version based on user feedback.

Q: Can I flash back to Hydrogen OS after flashing this version?

A: You can support to brush back to Hydrogen OS 11. Please refer to [Return Method] for the specific method of flashing back the hydrogen OS. Please note that updating this version and the rollback version will cause all data loss. Ensure that you back up all our data

Q: Why does the screen suddenly darken?

A: This is the early adopter version of ColorOS 11. There are still some instabilities and compatibility issues. Sometimes the screen becomes dark, and it can be restored after the screen is turned on again.

Q: Why doesn’t the screen stop automatically when the screen is on and standby?

A: This version is an early adopter version, and there are still some instability and compatibility issues. You can restore it by pulling down the status bar, clicking the automatic screen brightness adjustment button or turning on the screen again after the screen is off.

Q: Why can’t I find the file downloaded by WeChat in the file management?

A: Please be assured that the relevant data is still stored in the mobile phone. This situation is because the Google team has hidden the Android/data and Android/obb folders for optimizing the privacy policy, so some files in the file management application cannot be viewed.

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