Cracking down on false information is Google’s core mission


Google has been at the heart of several legal issues that center on the information on its platform. However, the company is doing all it can to ensure that its search information is correct and not false. In a recent interview, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, said that combating false information is the core of everything that the company does. Pichai said that as the world’s largest search engine, Google will make sure that its ranking results “true, accurate and safe”.

Google’s core mission

He said:

“Responsibility for content is always an important aspect of our focus. We are making great progress using human reviews and AI. This is an ongoing work, and there is more information in the world than ever before, so we are working hard to expand.”


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Pichai also said that he thinks Google’s “ultimate moon landing project” lies with search. He explained: “For me, our final moon landing project is still search. I know people may be surprised by this. After all, our search engine performs very well. But it is precisely because I am in the search business. Therefore, we are more aware of its various limitations. Even today, when people make complex queries, it is not easy for us to truly understand the user’s intentions, background, and give the best answer. So this is still Google’s moon landing project.”

The so-called “moon landing projects” refer to those that have long-term strategic significance. However, they are sometimes regarded as “crazy ideas or improbable internal company projects”, such as self-driving cars and Google glasses, etc. 

Google has several issues to handle 

A few weeks ago, there were reports that Google is using its dominant market position to suppress other smaller companies. To this end, the Italian anti-monopoly agency imposed a 100 million euros ($121 million) fine on Google. In addition to the monopoly issues, Google also has to deal with user data handling issues. A few months ago, there were reports that it was snooping on user information. According to reports, its Chrome browser still has access to a large amount of data even in the “incognito mode”. This defeats the whole idea of the “incognito mode” which is to prevent the company from collecting user data. Now, the search giant will have to face prosecution for this action after its failed attempt to block its prosecution. Alphabet, the parent company of Google tried to block the case from proceeding. However, a federal Judge dismissed its application. According to users, Chrome still collects their data even in “incognito mode”. 

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