Mozilla announced major design changes to Firefox browser


Mozilla is constantly improving its Firefox browser and recently spoke about the latest changes in its software. In just one month, users made 17 billion clicks in its browsers; and this prompted a revision of the browser interface, taking into account basic preferences.

So, according to Mozilla, the company’s new mobile and desktop versions of the browser take into account all user habits. For example, the developers found that 43% of clicks go to the tab bar; 33% to the navigation (address) bar; and about 5% to the bookmarks bar. When redesigning the browser, users’ favorite menus were also taken into account. Note that preferences may differ from region to region. After analyzing the behavioral patterns, the developers have simplified the browser as much as possible.

Firefox browser redesign

  • Tab Bar – About 43% of the clicks go to the top portion of the browser where they can open as many tabs as they want
  • Navigation Bar – About 33% of the clicks go to the area below the tab bar where people can move forward, backward or refresh; and add the URL in the address bar, as well as other functions on the navigation bar
  • Bookmark bar – About 5% of the clicks go to  the section where people bookmark their frequently visited place

First of all, the navigation was simplified. The navigation bar now includes forward, back and refresh buttons. The address bar contains an information protection icon and the actual space for entering a URL or search query. Commonly used settings include Reading Mode, Zoom Level and Bookmark buttons.

Gizchina News of the week

  • Canada – Gets the crown for efficiency with an average of 12+ keyboard shortcuts per user; and about 19 right clicks per user.
  • France – At an average of about 93 clicks pers user, France users click around the most within the browser.
  • Great Britain –  We always wondered which country had the most tab hoarders; In the UK, users have the most tabs opened at about 7% of users who have 16 or more tabs opened.
  • India – Are the tidiest in terms of how they use browsers with over 60% of the users having 3 or less tabs opened.
  • United States: We found they topped the list of countries who like to go to their settings and personalize their browser.


Mozilla announced major design changes to Firefox

Also, optimized streamlined menus are now available. It turned out that the most popular were the “hamburger” menu – the three bars in the upper right corner and the menu called by the right mouse button. In addition, in the menus themselves, the titles were lined up according to their statistical priority for users, and the icons became easier for intuitive understanding, and some were simply removed.


There is a new design of tabs. According to statistics, more than 50% of people keep 4 or more tabs open at the same time. The new design allows you to move them freely and neatly, and autoplay in inactive tabs is paused. The tabs are now “unpinned” from the browser so that they can be dragged into a new window if necessary and grouped as you see fit.

In addition, we have Optimized notifications. Constant pop-up notifications are one of the main factors that usually annoy users and if it is necessary to receive timely information about some events, it should not be intrusive. Therefore, the notification panels have been combined and simplified, and you can access them literally with a couple of clicks.


Finally, the private browsing mode is now in a new level. Back in February, as part of the Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP), the Total Cookie Protection feature was introduced to prevent websites from collecting cookies. This feature is now available to normal private browsing as well.

Recall that recently, Firefox has received its own native translation function. Also, the company plans to release new browsers in the future. The latest versions of Firefox for smartphones and desktops can is available for download from the Mozilla website.

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