Netflix will now allow you to watch content before it completes downloading

Netflix, one of the most popular streaming service applications around the globe has once again introduced new features to make the app experience better. And yet again the update has arrived only for Android. It may arrive later for iOS devices. However, Netflix has been lazy with iOS updates. Anyways, let’s talk about the new update. The ability to download videos or movies on a mobile device has been useful for Netlfix and similar services for a few years now, but the feature has not been flawless and has had its negatives. A new update to the Netflix mobile app aims to make the feature better.

Watch before it completes downloading

From today Android users having Android 7.64 or higher will be able to download any movie or video from the application, but unlike before they will be able to watch it even if the download isn’t complete. Like when you are downloading a movie and just when it’s about to be done the Wi-Fi connection goes out or the data plan ends, now you are stuck and can’t watch the movie. But with the new update, you can easily watch the movie to the point where it has been downloaded to. 

Netflix download

The feature is still only available for Android devices, but the Netflix VP says they will start testing on iOS in the coming months. While if we talk about the browser, the download feature wasn’t available and still isn’t. Although, downloading is possible if you install the Netflix application from Microsoft Store. Personally, I prefer using the desktop application rather than opening Netflix on a browser. 

Now it’s not the first time that Netflix has favored Android OS; It has also happened before that Android gets a feature before iOS. Many updates like the “Smart Downloads Feature” first arrived on Android. Then they were available on iOS after ages. Even the “Download for you” feature is still not available on iOS after being on Android for a couple of months.  Also, the iOS application is not much optimized. Recently, the Netflix iOS app was down. The app wasn’t loading cause and only a blank page was visible. We don’t see these types of bugs on the Android application. So, what do you think about this? Do you think Netflix is giving Android users an unfair advantage over iOS users? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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