Instagram: Now you can share links in stories without 10K followers

Link sharing on Instagram has always been a trouble. If you want to share a link on an Instagram story, you need to have at least 10K followers. This rule is bizarre in my opinion. Not everyone has this much fan following. Thankfully, Instagram is now testing a sticker that lets you share links. Instead of a swipe up, you will be tapping on the sticker to open the link. Plus, users can also react to the stickers which is not an option for swipe-up links. This will open a whole new opportunity for small Instagram influencers who can share their links without having 10K followers.

Instagram link sticker

Instagram link sticker

Including links in stories used to be a limited feature that could be unlocked only when you reach a certain number of followers, and that could be done by only the Swipe Up way. But now through this new sticker, anyone can easily add links in the stories that can be interacted with by tapping on them. However, this is still a test and the feature will be finalized after some time.

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Instagram says that they are keeping an eye on how people use the link sticker and what kind of links people are using and whether they are using scam/vulnerable links. Link stickers are the eventual goal for Instagram, says Vishal Shah, Instagram’s head of product in talk with The Verge. Whether that be for everyone or just people who already have linking privileges. “That is the sort of future system we would like to get to,” he says. “And that’s what we hope to roll out if we’re able to make this work.”

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Unfortunately, only stories will get the link option for now. Instagram has always been strict in terms of link sharing. You cannot post a link properly on a post. According to Shah says there’s “no plan” to bring links to the feed or any other part of the app. This test is added mostly for people who use Instagram to support others or raise a voice, so it would be easier for all people to share links regarding anything. It is still a question of implementation. As it could be used for spamming, and that would make Instagram a mess. So what do you think about this new Instagram feature? Would you use this feature? Share your thoughts in the comments. 


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