Nokia Is Faithful To Android OS: No Harmony OS On Nokia Phones At The Moment

Harmony OS

Yesterday, RealmiCentral reported that the new Nokia smartphones ought to come with Huawei’s Harmony OS out of the box. This made a huge stir on the net. But if Nokia (and other China-based first-tier smartphone makers as well) think Harmony OS will help them outrun their competitors or reach certain goals, we should recall the case when a few years ago Nokia phones were running on Windows Phone OS. We all know how things ended.


Nokia X60 Series

Well, we heard that Nokia is planning to launch two phones – Nokia X60 and X60 Pro. They will become the company’s first models running on Huawei’s self-developed Harmony OS. Apart from the latter, we also know some key features of these phones. And we have to admit they look quite competitive.

Say, the Nokia X60 will use a hyperboloid screen. It should support a high refresh rate. At the same time, it will come with a main camera of up to 200MP. The battery capacity is also impressive, 6000mAh. It is still unclear what type of processor it will use. And though we are talking about a top-notch model, chances are, it will come with a Snapdragon 870 chip.

Nokia And Huawei Denied Rumors Of Harmony OS

However, it still remains mysterious whether Nokia phones will come pre-installed with Harmony OS. In this regard, as The Paper reported, Nokia said that they know Nokia users like these phones running on Android OS. Also, they added that “our commitment to providing the best Android experience remains unwavering.”

Gizchina News of the week

Harmony OS

Moreover, earlier today, Global Times said Huawei had denied these rumors and stated that these are “false news”.

Of course, at this stage, it’s quite reasonable to hear denials from both parties because the mentioned phones should become reality before confirming such rumors. But we want to remind you that when Huawei released Harmony OS, the company announced that they welcome third-party companies to join in to improve the ecosystem. Meizu responded immediately, saying that it will access Harmony in the future. Meizu also added that for the time being only limited smart home appliance brand Lipro will use it. Another less popular Chinese brand Coolpad hinted that it intends to launch products with Harmony OS onboard.

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Getting back to Nokia, it is not easy to realize this idea. We mean Nokia will need to develop more corresponding functions according to its phone’s hardware characteristics and system requirements. The workload is still quite large.

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