LG changed its mind and will start selling Apple products in its stores


Every action has a background. LG has been asked to cooperate with Apple after its withdrawal from the smartphone market to fill the empty shelves of its brand stores in South Korea. The South Korean company decided to back off earlier and then decided again to earn a little extra money. As a result, LG may still start selling Apple electronics in its outlets from August this year.

The Herald Economic Daily reports that an alliance between LG and Apple and a corresponding agreement took place. Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch will hit 400 LG stores across South Korea. The Cupertino company would like to see Mac computers on the shelves of LG, but the latter abandoned this venture so as not to harm the sales of its own laptops.

Interestingly, backlash from small electronics retailers and Samsung did not stop LG. When the first rumors about a possible cooperation between Apple and LG appeared on the network, Samsung was among those who announced that by his step LG would violate the bilateral agreement between the companies, under which everyone sells only their own products.

Small businessmen in South Korea, as well as ordinary users, some of whom considered LG’s actions as “a betrayal of ideals”, were not delighted either. Instead of joining Samsung in fighting evil, LG joined it. It remains to wait for the official announcement of the agreement reached by LG itself. Still, earlier on the network, there were rumors that the company was going to refuse to cooperate with Apple amid the negative reaction of other market players.

LG Electronics will fully switch to renewable energy by 2050

South Korean LG Electronics announced its intention to completely switch to the use of renewable energy sources by 2050; and to achieve “carbon neutrality” by 2030. The company’s decision is in line with the plans for the transition to green energy in many countries.

In particular, by the end of this year, there were plans to transfer to renewable energy a branch of LG Electronics in the United States; this concerns production, logistics and office work. Other overseas subsidiaries will complete the transition to renewable energy by 2025. In its native South Korea, LG Electronics intends to use 60% of renewable energy by 2030 and 90% by 2040.

The compnay will achieve these indicators through the use of highly efficient solar panels; the conclusion of new agreements on the purchase of energy, and other measures. For example, in Noida, India, a 3.2 megawatt solar generator is already in use to cover all local electricity needs.

LG’s main electronics division promised back in 2019 to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030. To do this, the company uses proprietary solutions, including highly efficient cooling systems and energy management systems.

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