Samsung tried to troll Apple and Steve Jobs but it didn’t work out very well

Apple and Samsung are sworn friends, and the relationship between them goes up and down. As one of the methods of dealing with a competitor, Samsung uses trolling and the exchange of criticism. Sometimes this is done unobtrusively, quite funny and subtle. But, unfortunately, not always.

There is a feeling that Samsung has crossed the line and allowed itself an extremely disrespectful gesture. In its description of its iTest app, the South Korean company wrote: “Samsung users are all unique and they like their phones to be unique too. No turtleneck wearer should dictate how your phone looks. Check out a few of the other themes….”

It is not said directly, but it is not difficult to guess that under the “owner of the turtleneck” it was about Steve Jobs. In everyday life, the founder of Apple made a choice in favor of comfortable things. He abandoned a business suit in favor of an ordinary turtleneck and jeans, which have become his hallmark of the image.

Steve Jobs has not been with us for almost 10 years now, and a reference to him sounds, at least ridiculous and strange. For several years now, it has not in any way influenced the design of Apple devices and software. It is absurd and stupid to refer to a great man who left this world a long time ago and cannot dictate any rules and foundations.

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Samsung’s flagship smartphones continue to lose popularity – users choose Apple and Xiaomi

Samsung’s mobile division is probably not doing as well as it might seem at first glance. South Korean media claim that the brand’s flagship smartphones are losing ground every year. Moreover, the Chinese company Xiaomi is increasingly pushing against Samsung.

According to Counterpoint, the Galaxy S21 series has failed to replicate the success of any of its predecessors since the Galaxy S5. The Korean edition of Businesspost reports that Galaxy S21 sales totaled 13.6 million units in the first six months. Compared to sales of the S20, this figure is 20% lower. Compared to the S10, the drop is an impressive 47%.

Part of this decline can be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. However, during this period, Apple, competing with Samsung in the high price segment, has significantly strengthened its position. Korean analysts are confident that the decline in sales of Samsung flagships is partly due to the fact that Chinese manufacturers are producing more interesting high-end devices. Currently, Samsung is the world leader in the smartphone market; but experts point out a real threat to the Korean tech giant from Xiaomi.

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  1. Neill Geldenhuys
    August 24, 2021

    This isn't an official Samsung theme branded release. They release themes under Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Please do some research before posting such critical articles.