Brazil will fine Apple for not having a charger in the iPhone 13 package

The Brazilian consumer protection organization said it would fine Apple for refusing to include a charger with the iPhone 13 and it’s obliged to provide a charger for everyone free of charge.

According to the Brazilian publication TechTudo, the $ 1.9 million fine imposed in March 2021 was the maximum allowed under the country’s law. In addition, it cannot be reapplied after less than six months. Six months after the first fine was imposed, Apple introduced new iPhones, and Brazil again intends to fine the company. The regulator claims that consumers expect to receive a smartphone with a charger for the price quoted by the manufacturer. The need to buy a charger for a separate fee looks like an overstatement.

It is curious that the regulator, according to it, fined Apple not for the lack of a charger in the delivery package of the iPhone, but for the fact that the company does not inform its customers about it. It’s worth noting that Apple says on its website that the iPhone does not come with a charger, but the regulator says that is not enough, stating that this information should be ostentatious and not hidden.

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Apple has sold 2 billion iPhone smartphones

Apple has recently sold the two billionth iPhone. The company did not host any special events for this. This is partly due to the fact that the company has stopped reporting on the number of smartphones sold; and partly because talking about the second billion is not as interesting as talking about the first one. Still, the iPhone is doing better than ever.

The number of active iPhone users today exceeds 1 billion and is growing steadily. IPhone users make up about 26% of all smartphone users in the world, of which there are about 3.8 billion. In the US, Apple smartphones are owned by about 60% of users, in the UK – by about 50%. More than 14% of users in the US and 10% in the UK have switched to iPhones in the past two years.

iPhones come in a wide price range. The cost of the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1 TB of storage reaches $ 1600. At the same time, the most affordable iPhone SE is sold for $ 399 in the base configuration. Sales of Apple smartphones are additionally stimulated by the developed Trade-in programs and promotional offers of mobile operators. iPhones are also quite highly sought after in the aftermarket. Thanks to this, the threshold for entering the iOS ecosystem is currently very low. You can get a used iPhone 6S, which is still receiving major iOS updates, for less than $ 100.

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