Windows 11: According to a survey, only 38% of users know it’s coming

Windows 11

October 5, 2021, next Tuesday: Microsoft will release Windows 11, a new version of the operating system and its best-known product, accompanied by a good amount of features, which we will not fail to explore, and also by a renewed line of Surface devices. What for you is now an acquired notion, for others it may not be: on September 17, so a few days ago, it interviewed over 1,000 Windows users, 1,042 to be precise, discovering that only 38% of them were aware that the release of the new operating system is just around the corner.

It is also curious to note that, despite what one might think, it is not the youngest who have the best information: the age group that has shown greater awareness regarding the arrival of the new Microsoft software is that of the over 55s, with the 56%, while the percentage drops to 28% among young people between 18 and 24 years of age.

However, the interesting findings do not stop at the release date. Two-thirds of the respondents did not know whether or not their computer met the requirements to run Windows 11. And 45% are still unsure whether to upgrade or not; among the rest, 41% will upgrade while 14% have already decided they will not.

Windows 11

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Windows 11: According to a survey, only 38% of users know it’s coming

Among those who intend to switch to Windows 11, the most awaited features seems to be running the Android apps, cited by 14%, followed by the new look, chosen by 13%, on par with the options related to the world of gaming. The new features related to safety follow, 11%, and then all the other additions with lower percentages. However, 38% of people stand out who, despite having in mind to make “the big leap”, are not sure which characteristic inspires them or awaits them with more curiosity.

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They are all reliefs to be taken for what they are, at most indicative of a trend. However, the doubt arises regarding the effectiveness of part of Microsoft’s communication; or the momentary desire to push Windows 11 only in the direction of the most competent and informed users, postponing a more articulated campaign aimed at the general public for a later time.

After months of testing, Microsoft has recently released Windows 11 final build 22000.194 to Insiders on the Release Preview. It is it that will revice users starting on October 5; when Microsoft will officially release the first stable version of the new operating system. You can get it now, but this will require some steps.

To do this, you need to check your computer for compatibility with Windows 11; using the proprietary Microsoft PC Health Check utility; a new version of which became available a few days ago. If the computer meets all the requirements; you just have to register for the Insider Program on the Microsoft website; after which the mentioned build of Windows 11 will become available for download and installation.

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