Mijia Refrigerator Cross Four-Door Exclusive Edition Released At 5499 yuan ($853)

Today, the Xiaomi Mijia Refrigerator Cross Four-Door Exclusive Edition went on sale. It costs 5499 yuan ($853). This is quite a lot of money. But we are dealing with the first true high-end refrigerator of Mijia.

Mijia refrigerator

The following are the new features of the Mijia Refrigerator Cross Four-Door Exclusive Edition:

  1. High-energy positive and negative ion clusters make active sterilization more assured. It comes with a 100% cold storage coverage, supports 2-hour rapid sterilization at 99.9%, and provides long-term sterilization and purification.
  2. The texture of the rough ice crystal adds a sense of art to the kitchen. It uses 10,000 times ultra-fine polishing.
  3. The fridge has 7 independent partitions. Due to finely divided storage, there is no need to worry about the smell of ingredients. By the way, it includes maternal and child perfect space, beauty and health area, wide variable temperature lock fresh compartment, moisturizing fresh storage room, ultra-wide fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping box, cold room, freezing room, etc.
  4. There is also silent damping. So opening and closing doors are silky smooth. Lastly, we can mention the superconducting fast-cooling cooking plate, which has a cooling speed increase of 78.7%.

The size of the Xiaomi Mijia Refrigerator Cross Four-Door Exclusive Edition is 690mm in depth, 910mm in width, and 1902mm in height. Due to its design, it won’t occupy much space in the kitchen, at least, visually. With a 90° right-angle door opening, the drawer can be pulled straight for smooth retrieval. The metal backplate conducts a 360° surrounding wind, avoiding direct blowing of the ingredients and drying of the moisture.

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The Mijia Refrigerator Cross Four-Door Premium Edition uses an independent controlled cold air duct and NTC thermal temperature measurement. Also, it performs cooling calculations 10 times per second. Users can choose the three-level temperature to meet the storage needs of different ingredients.

Exclusive Features of New Mijia Regrigerator

Other than that, the Mijia Refrigerator Cross Four-door Exclusive Edition supports wide-width variable temperature lock fresh compartment from 5°C to -20°C wide-range temperature adjustment, 26 levels of temperature can be selected at will, independent cycle, free switching of freezing and refrigeration. Thus, this fridge can meet the temperature requirements of different ingredients.

Our protagonist supports first-class energy efficiency. The estimated comprehensive power consumption is 0.79 kWh/day, and it runs quietly at 37 decibels.

As a Mijia ecology product, the Mijia Refrigerator Cross Four-Door Exclusive Edition supports connecting to the Mijia App to remotely adjust the temperature and mode of the refrigerator. It can also notify you through messages when the door is not closed.

Finally, this fridge supports Xiaomi’s Xiao Ai voice assistant. So you can interact with it through voice commands.

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