Sony Will Soon Let PS5 Users Share Captured Videos and Screenshots Via PlayStation App

Sony has announced that it is testing a way to share screenshots and video captures on your PS5, using the PlayStation application. This information comes to us via a post from the company itself.

This new feature, as the console maker mentions is part of a limited release beta, which is available to PS5 users residing in either Japan or Canada.

How Does this New PS5 Feature Work?


Once the user enables this feature, new captures will start showing p in the app. In an FAQ page, Sony mentions that “Video clips and screenshots of games are available in [the PlayStation app] for 14 days after you manually create them on your PS5 console”

In case you are curious, users need not have a PlayStation Plus membership to use this feature, at least not in the case of this initial release beta.

It is worth noting that clips featuring a resolution of up to  1920×1080 will be available in the app, with Sony mentioning that clips in a higher resolution will not be uploaded. In case the user deletes a video or screenshot from their PS5, they can access it on the app as a backup.

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There is a separate page with more information from Sony, but it seems that some regions are not able to access the same. Nevertheless, here is the link for the same.

What Else is Sony Up To?


In other PS5 news, it seems that Apple Music supposedly coming to the PS5 as a music streaming service. The first hints of this coming to the PS5 came after a Reddit user took the platform to share a picture of Apple Music making an appearance in the music menu of the PS5.

It seems that this particular option popped up after the user made a new account and tried to link their PS5 to Spotify. The app however seems to have failed to work, with the user sharing a message that mentions “This app is playable only on PS4″, which as per Eurogamer is a standard error message.

Furthermore, Eurogamer says that it was also able to see Apple Music show up in the options when making a new US account, although it could not get it to work.

This inconsistency when it comes to the showcase of this app suggests that both the user and the publication have likely gotten a peek at a future update that Sony and Apple have been working on for some time.

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