Here is what happens when you use a cheap charger for the Apple iPhone 13

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Since the release of the iPhone 12 series, Apple stopped including the charger in the box of its devices. This means that new iPhone users will have to purchase the charger separately. While many people will insist on using the official Apple charger for their expensive iPhones, there are folks who wouldn’t care. However, it will be a good idea to care because there may be consequences for using a super cheap charger on your new iPhone. A new report shows that a user used a 1.9 yuan ($0.3) charging cable on the new iPhone 13. As charging proceed, there was first a squeaking sound and the phone started heating up.

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In fact, we can find a wide range of charging cables for Apple’s lightning interface on e-commerce platforms. Among these charging cables, the cheapest one is more than a dollar, or it is made of woven fabric. Most of these products are illegal and do not have any safety certification. In fact, at the price of $0.3, it is impossible for you to buy authorized accessories with Apple MFi certification. Without MFi certification, it is basically a low-quality product that does not meet the specifications.

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What is MFi certification?

In simple words, MFi certification is a way that Apple authorizes accessories for its products. We know that Apple has its own chargers and charging cable products. However, Apple cannot monopolize the accessories market, which is not legally reasonable. If other companies want to manufacture Apple-compatible charging cables, they must obtain Apple’s MFi certification. The certificates of MFi are divided into technology development certificates and manufacturing certificates. At the same time, these two certificates can be used to participate in the manufacturing and sales of the entire data line.


It is not easy for a third-party company to obtain a complete MFi certification authorization (must comply with stringent standards). However, not all companies can get these two certificates. You must know that Apple’s MFi certification is also very demanding. From submitting application materials to product reviews to test reviews. Apple will also carry out layers of checks to ensure that it is ideal for use.

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It is absolutely dangerous to use accessories without MFi certification on Apple’s products. The outcome of that action will be entirely the user’s fault. There is usually a prompt (pop-up window) which alerts the user of a bad accessory. It will be a good idea to obey the prompt.

In this case, the bad cable caused a squeaking sound and extremely high heat. Leaving it a little longer on the Apple iPhone 13 would probably have burned the phone.

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