Steve Wozniak is not happy with the iPhone 13 and here’s why

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Steve Wozniak has long retired and no longer has any influence on Apple’s policies. But his opinion on this or that issue is still of interest to the fans of the company and technology lovers. Wozniak takes advantage of this and often comments on events or products related to Apple. Sometimes he expresses an opinion on how the company should act in a given situation; occasionally praises it, and sometimes it gets a lot of criticism from him.

Steve Wozniak is not happy with the iPhone 13 and here’s why

It seems that he is not enthusiastic about the recently released devices of the iPhone 13 series. He simply does not understand the value and features of new items compared to their predecessors. The Apple co-founder said he sees no difference between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. In his opinion, the new software should work just fine on older models.

Steve Wozniak is not the first who spoke negatively about the iPhone 13; in the context that, in fact, the smartphone does not give anything new. The company is marking time, not offering any serious progress in terms of new technologies and functionality. The proposed improvements are minor. Comparing the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13; you can find that they are almost identical models and the difference between them is minimal. And the difference is not always in favor of the last generation.

But Apple’s well-oiled marketing machine is doing just fine, and the company’s marketers don’t eat their bread for nothing. They have mastered the art of brainwashing their flock; and consumers have flocked to stores for a brand new iPhone 13. They vote with their hard-earned money for outdated technology, agree that they are ripped off without offering anything really worthwhile.

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iPhone 13 shipments will be lower than expected due to component shortages, analysts say

At the last quarterly conference; Apple executives did not hide that the shortage of components in the third calendar quarter could put the company to realize the planned number of smartphones. The start of sales of the iPhone 13 family showed that customer waiting times are reaching all-time highs. More and more experts are urging investors to prepare for a decrease in the supply of Apple smartphones.

The fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2021 has already ended on the company’s calendar, and now the first quarter of the next fiscal year has arrived. As noted by Reuters, over the past two weeks, two representatives of the analytical community have reduced their forecast for Apple’s revenue and the number of iPhones shipped. In the current fiscal quarter, according to JP Morgan, Apple will gain from the sale of smartphones no more than $ 63 million. In annual comparison, this will correspond to a decrease of 4%.

Last week, Needham analysts suggested that Apple will be able to ship no more than 80 million new-generation iPhones in the current fiscal quarter, 10 million less than previously planned. According to JP Morgan, in the past quarter, Apple gained about $ 46 billion from the sale of approximately 58 million iPhone units. In any case, this is slightly higher than the consensus of the rest of Wall Street analysts, who expect $ 41 billion in quarterly iPhone revenue.

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  1. Hareendra Liyanage
    November 2, 2021

    He is wrong. The camera upgrade, 120hz promotion display and stellar battery life increase are very significant. I also didn’t believe initially, but after using iphone 13 pro max for some time now i think it is still a very good upgrade over 12 PM

  2. Lobsang Lhendup
    November 2, 2021

    Wel said and it’s true I m using 11 pro max and 12 pro max and I have compared it to 13 Pro max, 13 pro max is really superb upgradation….Steve Wozniak is all wrong, he is pessimist.