Apple’s Tim Cook recommends Android smartphones for some iOS users

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Although iOS is becoming complete at the functional level, it is still a relatively closed operating system relative to Android. The simplest example is that it is impossible to install third-party app stores or freely load and run IPA without jailbreaking. In the discussion surrounding the App Store and how users download and install apps on the iPhone, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said today that users who hope to side-load apps should consider buying Android devices. He claims that the experience which Apple offers is maximizing its “security and privacy”.

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However, the European Union is currently reviewing the “Digital Market Act”. This includes provisions that require companies such as Apple to allow third-party application stores to run on their devices. When attending the DealBook summit this week, Apple CEO, Cook, once again responded to the practice of sideloading APPs.

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Tim Cook – If you think sideloading is important, choose Android

Tim Cook was quite blunt about this issue. He said

Cook bluntly stated that, in fact, if you want to sideload an app or think it is important, then you can choose Android. For Apple, allowing sideloading is like starting a car without airbags and seat belts. Apple’s mission is to maximize the safety and privacy of users. Permitting sideloading is too risky”

In fact, just two days ago, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, also pointed out that installing apps by bypassing the App Store opens an unreviewed Pandora’s Box full of malware. According to the data released by Apple earlier, the risk of malware infection on Android is 15 to 47 times that of iOS.

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From this, Tim Cook does not care what you think as an iOS user when it comes to sideloading apps. The company is quite strict with its ideas about application sources, it MUST be from the App Store. If you want to install applications from other sources, then port to Android. Obviously, there would be a group of iOS users who will enjoy installing apps from other sources. These are the users that Apple is sending over to Android.

Taking a closer look at the issue, it is very difficult to ensure privacy and security if sideloading apps is active. Apple is only able to monitor the quality and intentions of applications on the App Store. Anything outside the App Store is out of its jurisdiction and that leaves the iPhone exposed. It will be an uphill task to equip the iPhone with features that will ensure that no malicious app irrespective of source gets installed. Apparently, Tim Cook is not ready for this sort of work.

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