Apple made Macro Mode easier on iPhone 13 Pro in latest iOS 15.2 Beta

The latest beta version of iOS 15.2 simplifies the iPhone 13 Pro’s macro mode by adding a button that lets you conveniently turn it on and off when needed, without having to go to the smartphone’s Settings app.

If Auto Macro mode is off, a flower icon will appear if you bring your smartphone closer to an object in viewfinder mode. Thus, iOS offers to turn on the Auto Macro mode and use a specially designed sensor for shooting. Pressing this icon again disables macro mode and reactivates the main sensor.

When the iPhone 13 was released to the market, many reviewers criticized the device for automatically entering macro mode without giving the user a choice or informing the user to switch the sensor in the camera interface. Apple has fixed this by adding a toggle to deactivate Auto Macro mode to the Camera option in the smartphone settings. However, this solution can hardly be convenient, since in order to use it, you need to exit the Camera application.

Apple beta program participants can already install iOS 15.2 Beta 2 on their devices. The innovation will become available to a wide range of users after the launch of the stable iOS 15.2; which will take place in the near future.

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For the benefit of users: Tim Cook explains the lack of alternative iOS app stores

The App Store, unlike Google Play, did not have and does not have an alternative. The Cupertino company not only does not welcome the emergence of third-party app stores; but also in every possible way prevents this. Apple has always broadcast the idea that users should only download secure software that meets established standards.

In its opinion, only the App Store guarantees the safety of the utilities. A special unit of censors has been created here, which filters applications; to prevent them from entering the software store with malicious scripts. Many are unhappy with this policy of Apple and accuse it of monopoly capture of the market for mobile applications for iOS. Moreover, malware still penetrates the App Store.

Regulators in a number of countries are trying to change this situation; and get third-party app stores and alternative payment methods to enter the market. They decided to find out from Tim Cook how he relates to such attempts; to redistribute the market for mobile applications for iOS.

“The main thing we’re focused on in the App Store is keeping our focus on privacy and security. These are the two major tenets that have produced a very trusted environment where consumers and developers come together. Consumers can trust the developers and the apps are who they say they are. Developers get a huge audience to sell their software to.

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