Smartphone 150W fast charging is about to be mass-produced

umi zero 150W fast charging

The charging power for smartphones is consistently increasing and smartphones can now get a full charge in less than 15 minutes. Today, Weibo tech blogger, @DCS, claims that 150W fast charging for smartphones is on its way. According to him, this fast charging technology will enter mass production very soon. Unfortunately, he did not reveal the manufacturer that will launch this technology.

150W fast charging

Presently, the smartphone industry has 120W fast charging which can deliver a full charge in only 15 minutes. This is for a 4200 mAh – 4500 mAh battery. Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and iQOO 5 Pro hold the record as the first smartphones to use the latest 120W fast charging. However, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra’s actual charging power seems to be lower than the advertised 120W charging.

iQOO 5 Pro – the industry’s first 120W charging device

Taking the iQOO 5 Pro as an example, to achieve ultra-high-power fast charging, iQOO uses a charge pump half-voltage scheme. This can make the voltage entering the battery half of the charger voltage, and convert the high-voltage and low-current of the AC power into the low-voltage and high-voltage required by the battery. This configuration significantly increases the overall charging speed.

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Moreover, iQOO has achieved 120W (20V/6A) charging power through the upgrade of the charge pump IC solution. This makes the technology reach the current peak voltage and current defined by the Type-C port. Furthermore, it has an energy conversion efficiency of 97%.

In addition, in the battery solution, iQOO creatively adopted the “double-cell series connection” method, plus two charge pump charging ICs. Both ICs are charged at a rate of 6C, which greatly improves the charging rate. In summary, with the upgrade of the charge pump IC solution and the battery solution, the 150W fast charging technology will once again refresh the charging speed record. It is still uncertain who will launch the 150W fast charging first, we will wait and see.

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Unfortunately, as the wired fast charging continues to increase, the wireless charging capacity seems to be at its peak. This is not because manufacturers are not willing to increase it. However, the Chinese government considers wireless charging above 50W as unsafe. We all know that Chinese companies are most interested in increasing charging technology. If they stop developing, then there may not be any increase in the next couple of years. Take Samsung for example, it is very comfortable with its charging power between 25W and 45W. As for Apple, its charging capacity is not even up to 30W yet.

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