Apple’s AR Glasses Could Be Announced Sooner Than Expected, According to Key Investment Group

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It seems that Apple could soon reveal its AR glasses, at least if tech investment analysts at Morgan Stanley are to be believed. This comes in a report sent to investors, wherein the team notes an instance of patent applications seen before the launch of the Apple Watch in 2014.

This suggests that the Cupertino giant could soon be ready to showcase its work in augmented reality via a new wearable for the generic public.

What Does the Report Mention About the Apple AR Glasses?

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“The enormity of the technical challenge — compressing daylong battery, 5G, compute, cameras, lidar, projectors and waveguide lenses into a lightweight, attractive pair of glasses — is hard to overstate,” the analysts have mentioned.

“Apple’s entry into the eyewear market will be the game changer for all participants as the technology gets normalized and popularized. Apple’s patent portfolio is beginning to mirror the period prior to the Watch launch.

“Apple has a long history of disrupting new markets and ultimately growing the addressable market size well beyond initial expectations,” the investment bank adds.

The AR glasses from Apple are likely to showcase the data and notifications to the lens of a traditional-looking set of spectacles, much like Snapchat’s Spectacles and the Stories smart glasses.

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Further rumours have hinted at Apple being a bit more ambitious than just audio playback and video capture, but, these glasses will likely offer information synced data from a mobile phone. This could come as soon as WWDC 2022.

What Else is the Cupertino Giant Working on?

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In other Apple news, Rumors about Project Titan, Apple’s electric car, have been circulating for a long time. The company itself does not comment on them in any way, it only continues to receive patents in one way or another related to electric vehicles.

According to the latest inside information, Apple has pushed back plans to implement the Project Titan. But lately, it has accelerated in the creation of the car and may introduce one in 2025.

This information comes via Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. Most importantly, Apple has decided in which direction to move. If earlier it stood on the road, to release a fully self-driving car, or still offer limited self-driving scenarios, now it knows for sure that its goal is a completely autonomous electric car, devoid of steering wheel and pedals.

To interact with the car, they will offer a touch screen, which is also responsible for the operation of the multimedia and entertainment system.

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