Samsung, Apple, and other brands no longer have standard chargers


Starting with the iPhone 12 series, Apple announced the cancellation of standard chargers. This means that the smartphone will not come with the charger in the box. Apple claims that it is doing this to ensure environmental protection. However, netizens do not believe Apple’s claims as the company is still making chargers. Nevertheless, after Apple took the lead, other brands like Samsung and Xiaomi followed up. In response to this issue, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China stated that consumers would choose whether to buy or not.


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Since the removal of chargers from the box, there have been several complaints from consumers. This is because consumers will spend more money to purchase the chargers at an extra cost. However, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China is quite open in regards to this issue. It says that manufacturers should formulate their own marketing strategies on the premise of ensuring consumers’ right to know and make their own choices. The ministry also says that manufacturers should inform consumers when promoting sales, product packaging, and listings. After this, it is then up to the consumer to choose whether to buy or not.

Apple and Samsung still do not include chargers

At present, some manufacturers still do not include chargers in the box. The likes of Apple and Samsung smartphones still do not come with chargers in the box. However, there are cases where the brand releases two versions, one with a charger and the other without. For example, Xiaomi’s latest flagship all comes with a standard charger in the box.

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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that in the next step, it will call on companies to revise their marketing strategies to encourage manufacturers to take into account the actual needs of users’ consumption. The relationship between environmental protection and business interests encourages marketing strategies that support users’ personalized choices.

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