Godeal24 Easter Sale, Windows and Office specials for a limited time!

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Windows 10 is constantly being improved and fixed, and Windows 10 performance has stabilized over time, so Windows 10 is smooth and almost perfect in every way. Windows 11 has been plagued by software and hardware compatibility issues since its release. Numerous reports have revealed that the Windows 11 operating system has issues with AMD Ryzen CPUs and a bug that slows down SSDs, causing drastic performance drops on Windows 11 laptops. So for a computer with a weak configuration, Windows 11 will still cause performance degradation. But when it comes to security, Microsoft is paying particular attention to security on Windows 11, a system that will allow users to manage location-tracking apps intuitively via notification icons. Combined with Windows Security’s Smartscreen on Windows 11, the operating system will instantly detect malicious apps that seek to steal user information.


Which OS version should I choose?

Although Windows 11 is more reliable in terms of security, Windows 10 is better in terms of interface, performance, and compatible software. It is the most suitable version at present, so Windows 10 is our best choice.

How to buy genuine Windows 10 or MS Office?

Want to save money and want to buy genuine Windows OS and MS Office, but there are too many malicious software packages on the Internet that will not only steal your personal information, but may also cause harm to your computer. Right now, in Godeal24’s Easter sale, genuine Windows 10 is only $7.42! You can buy genuine and secure Microsoft Windows OS! And Office Professional 2021, which is officially priced at $439.99, is now only $30.98! A full saving of $409! Godeal24, an IT software reseller, not only sells genuine Windows OS and MS Office, but also more tool software, such as Ashampoo PDF Pro 3, MacBooster 8 Lifetime Subscription and IObit’s many utility software, rich in variety and complete Can meet your computer needs!


Easter Sale! The Lowest Price for a Limited Time!

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What is OEM license? Why OEM?

Many users are very excited about the low price offered by Godeal24, but question why the price is so low? More importantly, is this true? You can rest assured that this is the real deal because the licenses sold by Godeal24 are OEM licenses.

These are licenses that are usually sold to computer manufacturers so that they can buy Windows more cheaply to install on their mass-produced computers. The downside of an OEM license is that it’s usually tied to the motherboard, so once activated, it’s difficult to transfer the license to another PC.

Thankfully, Godeal24 sells its OEM licenses so cheaply that if you do move your PC or need another license, you can just buy another copy and it’s still cheaper than paying the retail price. Godeal24 not only provides good products, but also after-sales service is in place. Godeal24 has a professional customer service team, providing 24/7 technical support, and as long as you buy products at Godeal24, you can also enjoy lifetime after-sales service

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