Telegram Premium debuts: here are all the key features

Telegram Premium

WhatsApp may be the most trending option in certain markets, but when we look at a global aspect, Telegram is certainly one of the strongest social media messaging apps. The app is just more than a place to go for chats, but it’s a complete hub with user groups and channels. You can also make calls, and video calls, and can even set up bots for specific channels and goals. Today, the company has announced it hit the 700 million monthly active users milestone. In celebration of this, as speculated, the company is launching Telegram Premium. The long-rumored premium service is now available for all users across the world. As expected, the Premium branch brings exclusive features to the platform.

Let’s clarify some of the key features brought by Telegram Premium:

Telegram Premium key features

Telegram Premium will bring significant improvements for users on the platform. Also, some long-requested improvements will be available for these premium users. For instance, you can download your files faster, increase upload limits and manage chats in a better way. Of course, the service won’t bring differences for free users. The core features will remain the same, but there will be some exclusive extras for paid members. The goal, according to Telegram, is to have an income for introducing new features for free and paid users. It’s understandable, after all, you can imagine how expensive is to maintain Telegram, and the company needs to make a profit. Below, we’ll list some of the key features coming with Telegram Premium.

4 GB Uploads

Just like on WhatsApp, free Telegram users can upload files only up to 2 GB. With the arrival of Telegram Premium, the paid users will be able to send 4 GB files. Anyway, all users can enjoy unlimited storage in Telegram. Anyone including free Telegram users will be able to download 4 GB files.










Faster Downloads

It’s an undeniable fact that downloading large files from Telegram can be… painful. The app limits bandwidth while users are downloading files to make servers smoothly. The Premium members will be able to download files at the same speed as your ISP provider.


Double Limits

Telegram Premium will allow you to pin up to 10 chats. Furthermore, you’ll be able to create up to 20 folders with 200 chats in each folder. It will also be possible to add a fourth Telegram account in the Telegram app and add up to 10 favorite stickers.

Telegram Premium

Voice messages transcribe

An interesting feature will show a text under the voice message. It’s a direct transcription feature that will collect your feedback.

Unique stickers

There will be unique stickers in the Telegram Premium branch. Free users will be able to see unique stickers on the full screen, however, the premium will send these stickers and make them appear on the whole display.

New reactions

Premium members will be able to use around 10 new emojis for reactions

Chat Management

You’ll be able to change the default folder in the premium service. It’s possible to set the default folder as “Unread” to make the app start showing the folder as “Unread”. Basically, it works like changing a new tab function in your browser.

Animated profile pictures

Telegram can already plan animated profile pictures when you’re seeing a profile. However, premium users will be able to see animated profile pictures everywhere from chats to the main menu.

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Premium badge

There will be a way to identify premium users! They’ll have a star icon next to their names.

New App Icons


Premium users can pick a different icon (from a list) for Telegram.

No advertisements for Telegram Premium users

This is one of the controversial features that Telegram has been implementing. Currently, advertisements are only available in some countries and channels. However, with the launch of Telegram Premium, this may reach other places as a way to boost the number of people going to the Premium tier. Of course, this is just a pessimistic assumption. Ads won’t appear for premium subscribers. The Telegram team states that its ads respect users’ privacy and help Telegram to keep operating.

New Features for everyone!

Besides the Telegram Premium announcement, the company also revealed a bunch of novelties for all users no matter if they are paid or free users. These include:

Join requests

Telegram Premium

From now on, public groups can enable join requests like private groups. Therefore, Admins will be able to determine whether they will accept new members or not.

Verification badges everywhere

Public figures or organizations will be able to have a verified badge.

Better bots

Bots will be able to accept payments or replace a whole website.

Better chat preview for Android

Users will get a better preview of the whole chat without marking the messages read. This is already available on iOS.

Automatic media saving on Android

Telegram Premium

Users can determine if they want to save media from chats, groups, or channels. The difference is that, from now, you’ll be able to change settings separately.

Improve External Sharing

Users will be able to share files from other apps without saving them to their iOS devices. This is cool for keeping your storage free from hordes of unwanted images and videos.

Animated profile picture creator on macOS

As the name suggests, there is a tool to create animated profile pictures on macOS.

Many improvements for Desktop and Mobile

The update brings a lot of improvements for the Desktop and Mobile applications. According to the Telegram team, there are above 100 fixes for the applications.

Worth noting that WhatsApp is reportedly working on a premium service as well. We’re yet to see what benefits this paid plan will introduce. 

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