Passwork review: one of the best password managers for business


Any organization’s information security is defined not only by the effective defense against cyberattacks but also by the secure storage of sensitive data like passwords, the disclosure of which may gravely undermine a corporation of any size. For that, we propose to test Passwork, which is a self-hosted solution with a variety of features designed to simplify password management for your business.

Passwork: What is it?

Although there are numerous password managers on the market, Passwork offers a solution that appeals to both users and administrators thanks to its features, ease of use, and platform administration. Passwork aims to make corporate passwords more secure and convenient to use.

It serves businesses of various sizes, including:

  • IT teams – Provides user rights management, private and organizational vaults, API for integration, auditable history, and password security audits.
  • User rights management, LDAP connectivity, and GDPR compliance for small-to-medium organizations.
  • Enterprise organizations: multi-site deployment flexibility, clustering and failover for high availability.

There are two variations of the Passwork solution. Companies can select the solution that best suits their unique company requirements and management principles. Two categories of licenses exist:

  • Standard license: for companies that do not need LDAP group-to-role mapping, installation in branches, SSO integration, or a number of additional capabilities.
  • Advanced license: for businesses that require both a personal manager and the whole complement of password management functions.

Security with Passwork

Security is one of the main criteria for businesses using password management solutions. However, security with the self-hosted version is obvious because everything depends on your business.

Passwork adheres to encryption-related security best practices. All data are securely saved on your server using the AES-256 method, and only system administrators have access to them. You can install Passwork on Linux and Windows with or without Docker and operates on PHP and MongoDB.


Features review


The key benefit of Passwork is that passwords are kept in an encrypted storage and the program is installed on the company’s server. They are only accessible to organization personnel. There is no effect on the performance of the product when disabling cloud services.


Passwork is a customizable solution for separating access privileges that enables giving corporate employees access to only certain passwords. The application may be configured to set user access levels and responsibilities in order to do this. As a result, it is feasible, for instance, to ensure that workers only communicate using a limited number of passwords, according to their roles and responsibilities.

Passwork lets IT administrators easily locate all the credentials that former workers had access to by keeping a history of all user activity in the system, recording any password changes, and keeping track of all user actions. As a result, the software package may be in use to look into data leaks and information security issues. Passwork can perform a password security check and alert you to passwords that are outdated, insecure, or hacked.


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The simplicity with which Passwork may integrate an organization’s IT infrastructure is a key feature. The application enables working with Active Directory / LDAP and authorization using SAML SSO, as well as flexible import and export of data in JSON and CSV formats. It also has its own API for setting up data interchange with the systems used by the company.


A specific browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari) is available to make using the password manager more convenient. It enables you to enter, create, and manage enterprise passwords. Additionally, it may be in use to automatically save data, complete authorization forms, and lookup passwords. Additionally, Passwork provides an iOS and Android app that enables mobile access to corporate passwords.

The number of users supported and the capabilities are different amongst the different editions of the password manager that are available. When you subscribe, you will get technical support and updates renewed indefinitely after the first purchase. Passwork maintains the price of the product at the same level and has no plans to raise it, notwithstanding the present state of the market.


Customers may deploy Passwork simultaneously across many branches and take advantage of fast technical assistance. The development company’s technical experts will assist with installation and provide any needed information.


Also, Passwork is a tool that helps businesses deal with limitations on the use of other software; and is appropriate for use in government organizations.


Passwork browser extension

I should also mention that Passwork provides a great browser extension that allows you access to the majority of the password manager‘s most crucial functions.

When you log in to websites, the extension automatically provides permission information; and it also gives you the option to remember the password you used to register. Also, you may access a list of all your vaults in the extension itself, update passwords, add new ones, and utilize a flexible password generator.


Passwork Mobile Applications

The mobile app is responsive, fully functional, and compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The majority of features are available within the mobile application, just like with the browser extension. Biometric and PIN code authentication is on to secure the mobile application. The most secure option is by far using biometrics.


There are numerous fantastic features in Passwork that will probably meet the needs of different-sized enterprises. We have only touched on a small portion of its capability in this post. Working with the interface, managing entries, and setting up the organization’s settings in the environment of Passwork was a pleasant experience.

Solutions for password management don’t have to be difficult. End users are less likely to use solutions that are complex and difficult. The Passwork solution is a fantastic example of how to develop a password management system that supports enterprise password security while also keeping simplicity.

Visit Passwork’s website to find out more, try out the demo, or download a self-hosted demo to discover all the features of this great password manager.

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