Thunderstorm prediction apps: install them and save your life

Thunderstorm apps

The months of summer are mostly when people go outside. However, these are also the months when extreme weather is possible. Summer storms and powerful thunderstorms are particularly infamous. Just yesterday, a lightning strike at a Georgian military base resulted in the deaths of one soldier and nine other service personnel. You can get ready for that a little bit with the correct prediction app.

I’m sure you’re aware of it. It becomes stifling in the afternoon after a hot day. In the distance, a gloomy sky is visible. Even a little rumble may be heard. You are standing in the midst of a heath. With a possibly difficult situation that gradually approaches you.

Could that have been avoided by you? Often. Let’s concentrate on that thunderstorm, for sure. They frequently either belong to a large storm front or are fairly small events. The former is more challenging to anticipate over the long term, whereas the latter is available in the regular weather reports.

Fortunately, it is simple to monitor the emergence of such an impulsive emotion. It is therefore important to be alerted, even if it is just 30 minutes in advance. You’ll need an app in that situation that, for instance, displays thunderstorms. Discharges are frequently someplace nearby, where you can also determine the storm’s trajectory.

Then, you’ll quickly learn that it’s time to take cover and ensure that you have a roof over your head. The apps listed below will let you know that:

LiveLightning: Lightning Strikes Prediction

The LiveLightning app for iOS/iPadOS is ideally suited to watch live lightning strikes worldwide. An equally worldwide network of radio receivers has been set up for this purpose. Every impact location can be determined very accurately by means of a simple triangulation. Nice detail: there is a huge chance that stations on the other side of the world have calculated the impact site; the distance allows even more accurate positioning.

Anyhow, the app is easy to use: Start it, and red balls will appear to indicate the presence of nearby lightning. The more recent, the brighter the red. Additionally, a live impact is indicated by a dot that is red with a white border. The alert option in the bottom bar is useful. Here, you may specify how far away lightning should when you get warnings . It could be time to check to see whether a shower is coming your way if you set it to, say, 30 kilometers and get a notification. If so, get refuge right away.

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For a vacation when you are completely unfamiliar with the local weather, an app like this is great. For instance, there are frequently strong thunderstorms in the highlands at particular times of the day. If it’s your first time at a place like that, you can get a warning ahead of time. This can save lives, especially in harsher environments. Or you may view the effects right now on this website.

Storm Radar: Track annoying weather live and thunderstorms

Storm Radar is another standard “real time” alarm app. In general, we suggest using the free version of this. The monthly fee for the premium version is $1.99. To sum up, a full annual membership for that is maybe a bit pricey.

Of course, you can take the less costly plan, but based on experience, users frequently forget to cancel their memberships. especially if it pertains to an app that is only sometimes during the year. A membership has the benefit of having extras like lightning strikes.

The weather alerts, which also function flawlessly in the free edition. It properly reports on heat, tornadoes, extreme weather, rain, frost, snow, and much more. Additionally, live radar pictures that are forecasted many hours in advance in the form of an animation may be viewed. These images are also available in the free edition. In other words, it must be rather weird if you are assaulted by (partially unforeseen) severe weather while carrying this app.

Weather Pro: Precise Forecaster

WeatherPro (an app available for Android and iOS) is unquestionably recommended for forecasts that are more consistent. Over many years, this software has clearly demonstrated its dependability. Additionally, it operates internationally.

Without a problem, you may get an annual subscription; it costs only $8.99. For quite a few days in the future, you receive an incredibly precise predictions. includes radar pictures, among other advantages. By using the settings and the switch underneath Notification Center, you may also turn on notifications.

Keep in mind that you should always verify that the location is in use while consulting the weather. The location usually works out nicely on its own. Using Storm Radar, you can see how the weather will change over the next several hours. The projection becomes less accurate the further out it gets. It’s still challenging to anticipate thunderstorms, local severe storms that may connect with them, and even tornadoes. A live internet connection offers additional protection in that location because of this. However, you shouldn’t just rely on applications; you should also trust your instincts. If you don’t trust anything, seek refuge.

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