First facelift in 5 years! iPad 10 series appearance shows up online

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At Apple’s autumn conference next month, there are expectations that the company will launch new products. Some products that we expect in this event are the iPad 10 and iPad 10 Pro. Of these devices, the iPad 10 is particularly noticeable. The iPad currently on sale is the ninth generation product. However, the appearance still maintains the design of the iPad 5 generation released in 2017. The ultra-wide black border and the single rear camera make people feel a little tired.

iPad 10

According to multiple sources, this year’s new iPad 10 will bring the first major facelift in 5 years. Theapplehub has also made relevant renderings based on the rumors, so that we can know the appearance of the new product in advance. According to the rendering, although the iPad 10 does not use a full screen this time, the screen frame is very narrow. However, this new device will still retain the physical Home button at the bottom of the screen. The front does not seem to have changed much.

The biggest change is on the fuselage. This time, Apple adopts the right-angle frame scheme with iPad Pro, iPad Air and other products. Since then, the iPad product line has all replaced the right-angle frame design. The appearance of the rear camera on the back has also changed somewhat. It also incorporates the antenna band design similar to the iPhone 7. This will bring some refreshing feeling to consumers, which should promote a wave of sales. However, it is important to note that the overall appearance is a bit too similar to the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. We all know that the Tab S7 FE is a device from Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung.

iPad 10

Apple iPad 10 new product outlook: to expunge the headphone jack

In Apple’s product line, the iPad, due to its relatively complete ecosystem, can be regarded as a star-like existence in the tablet computer market. This has been sought after by many consumers. Each generation of iPad updates, in addition to regular upgrades, will also make certain trade-offs in some details. Recently, there have been reports that Apple may cancel the headphone jack of the entry-level iPad.

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iPad 10

The entry-level iPad has been updated to the ninth generation, and from the latest exposure of the tenth-generation iPad, the overall appearance change is not obvious. However, there are still some minor changes, Apple seems to have eliminated the 3.5mm headphone jack. At the same time, the design of the camera module is more inclined to the design of the iPhone X, retaining the Home button and using the USB Type-C charging interface.

From this point of view, the new generation of entry-level iPad still retains the original screen design. This means that the iPad 10 is just not ready for a full-screen design just yet. As for whether the size of the screen will increase, there is not much information. In the iPad product line, the iPad has a number of series, including iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini and entry-level iPad. In addition to the positioning difference layout, the price strategy also occupies various price points in the market.

Apple entry-level iPad

As an entry-level iPad, the configuration itself is relatively backward, but relying on Apple’s unique system, it is completely sufficient for most users. The cancellation of the design of the headphone jack this time is an expected change. We can see that in the iPad products launched by Apple in recent years, the headphone jack has been gradually cancelled, and only the entry-level iPad still retains it. This is Apple’s gradual planning of its own iPad product line, such as: unifying the charging interface, cancelling wired headphones, and switching to wireless headphones.


To a certain extent, Apple hopes to establish a more complete ecology, so that users can rely more on Apple product’s power and productivity brought by this ecology. As the September conference draws near, more relevant breaking news will naturally appear.

Apple iPad 10 shape debut: camera protrusion touching

Apple will release a couple of iPad products this fall, including iPad 10, iPad mini 7, iPad Pro, and more. Among them, as the cheapest product in the series, the iPad digital series has long been responsible for sales. On the iPad 10, the company will make major upgrades in both appearance and interior. A CAD design draft gives the 360-degree shape of the iPad 10. While the Home Button remains, the side has a flat middle frame which is consistent with the shape of the iPhone and other iPads.

iPad 10

After moving the viewing angle to the back, you can see a large camera module with two openings. While one of the openings is for the camera, the other is for the flash (or microphone). This distinctive design means that Apple should upgrade the rear camera. The company will upgrade the 8MP camera sensor to 12MP.

In addition, you can intuitively see the upper and lower dual (or quad) speakers and the USB Type-C interface. Although the back is protruding, the thickness of the whole machine is actually thinner. The new 3D is 248mm x 179mm x 6.98mm, compared to the current model which is 250mm x 174mm x 7.50mm. In other configurations, the iPad 10 is expected to use the A14 Bionic processor, and the cellular version supports 5G networks.

The outside world believes that the starting price of the iPad 10 will still be set at $329. Since iPadOS 16 was revealed to be delayed until October, these new iPads will not be launched in September together with the iPhone 14.

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