Costar Diamond On T300: Truly Unique Design Meets Good Sound

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The Breakdown

Your search for stylish, feature-laden yet affordable TWS earbuds ends here. Check out the Costar Diamond ON T300 True Wireless Earbuds! The most notable feature of the TWS earbuds is their awe-inspiring design. The highly talented designer team at Costar has designed a futuristic edge. The audio device sports a symmetrical, geometric, and linear design.

Aside from sporting a highly appealing diamond-shaped design, the Diamond ON T300 boasts an impressive array of features. Also, it undergoes over a whopping 300 iterations. Further, it undergoes a pearlescent baking process that creates 20 flawless facets. Notably, audio devices have come a long way from the days when they just produced sounds. Now, there’s no dearth of products that audiophiles can get hands-on.

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Also, modern audio devices focus on portability. So, you can listen to your favorite track even on the go. Likewise, they come with multiple settings that you can use to adjust the audio output. Regrettably, most newfangled audio products aren’t easy on the pocketbook. However, if you buy a pocket-friendly alternative, you’d end up compromising on features. That’s where the Diamond On T300 True Wireless Earbuds come into the picture.

The Diamond On T300 True Wireless Earbuds strikes a perfect balance between affordability and useability. First off, let’s take a look at the Diamond On T300 key specifications.

Diamond On T300 True Wireless Earbuds Technical Specifications

  • Transparency mode
  • Gaming mode with 70ms low latency
  • IPX4 water & sweat resistant
  • 16-hour total playback
  • 25dB Active Noise Cancellation

Awe-Inspiring Features

Despite carrying a reasonable price tag, the Diamond On T300 offers a myriad of amazing features. Unlike most pocket-friendly Costar Diamond On T300 TWS earbuds, the Diamond On T300 comes with ANC support. A myriad of leading brands has recently made their foray into the audio segment. These brands offer all sorts of audio devices such as neckbands, headphones, and more. To recap, OnePlus and Boat surpassed other brands in India’s neckband segment last month.

So, Costar has spared no effort in a bid to offer top features on the Diamond On T300. The earbuds’ active noise cancellation capability is pretty impressive. The feature restricts outside noise to let users enjoy an immersive listening experience. However, Costar didn’t neglect the safety of the user. You can switch the transparency mode on to listen to outside noise. Notably, this ensures you are aware of your surrounding.

Costar Diamond On T300_review_ANC

Moreover, the Diamond On T300 delivers an immersive bass experience. As a result, every beat is crystal clear. The TWS earbuds use a redesigned 10mm custom speaker. Further, its internal components are placed meticulously to offer an unparalleled listening experience. You’d normally need to shell out a lot of money to purchase TWS earbuds that offer the aforesaid features. However, the new Costar TWS earbuds don’t cost a bomb.

Other Awe-Inspiring Features

Also, the Diamond On T300 is compatible with popular voice assistants including Google Assistant and Siri. So, you can perform several tasks simply by giving voice commands. For instance, you can use a single click to answer a call. You can double-click to reject or end a call. Moreover, you can play/pause and go to the next music with a triple click. Likewise, you need to press and hold the earbuds for 2 seconds to summon the voice assistant.

Costar Diamond On T300_review_other features
Also, you can activate transparent, game, or ANC mode by pressing and holding for a couple of seconds. Further, these earbuds carry an IPX4 rating for water and sweat resistance. You can wear them to the gym and leave your worry about sweat behind. The Diamond On T300 also supports a Standard Mode and a 70ms Ultra Low Latency Game Mode for an improved gaming experience.

A Design That’s Guaranteed To Turn Heads

One of the most notable aspects of the Diamond On T300 is its unique art design. Costar’s highly skilled design team has come up with a highly appealing design for the earbuds. The audio device adopts a symmetrical, geometric, and linear design that creates a revolutionary edge. Aside from this, the earbuds weigh only 110 grams. So, they fit comfortably inside the ear for a long time without any sort of discomfort. It is safe to say that the earbuds’ diamond-shaped design is appealing, as well as useful.

Costar Diamond On T300 - Review_design

The earbuds can easily fit inside your pocket even with the charging case. Notably, the earbuds and the charging case are pretty lightweight. On top of that, you can choose between three eye-catching color options. These include Dynamic Black, Smart Grey, and Elite White. We got the white-tinted model that looks elegant and fits in the palm. Moreover, the earbuds have undergone over a whopping 300 iterations. Costar uses the pearlescent baking process to create twenty appealing facets.

Practical Design

The Costar branding is on the top of the case. Upfront, the case houses a mini-LED charging indicator. The Type-C port for charging is available at the bottom. Further, the case sports a matte finish that avoids fingerprints. Moreover, the earbuds sport the same diamond design as the case. Notably, the stems have a flat end. These user-friendly could give the Diamond On T300 an edge over the upcoming Nothing Ear (2).

Costar Diamond On T300_review_practical design
The Nothing Ear (1) successor has reportedly passed through the Indian BIS certification website. Also, the Diamond T300 TWS earbuds carry an IPX4 rating for splash resistance. We tested their splash resistance capabilities by wearing them amid a gentle downpour. Much to our delight, the earbuds continued working. However, it is recommended not to wear them near huge amounts of water. Nevertheless, you can put them during gym and outdoor activities.


What’s Inside The Box

The package comprises earbuds and a charging case. Also, it includes a Type-C cable and a user manual. You get six additional ear tips ( 3 pairs) in the box, as well. You can choose between two different sizes of ear tips based on your comfort. Moreover, the ear tips sport the same white color theme as the charging case.

Costar Diamond On T300 - Review_box content
We used the earbuds for movie watching, music, and gaming and found them pretty comfortable. Further, the dimensions of the package are 10 x 9.9 x 4.4 cm and it weighs 110 grams.

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Immersive Sound Quality & Amazing Features

The Diamond On T300 supports the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature. However, most audio devices in this price segment do not offer this feature. The ANC feature works pretty well in terms of blocking outside noise. Most earbuds have passive noise isolation. In-canal earbuds are usually more efficient when it comes to blocking ambient noise. Also, we found that you might not need to activate the ANC mode unless you are in an overcrowded environment.

Costar Diamond On T300_review_music_1

Moreover, the TWS earbuds have a highly advantageous transparency mode. This mode comes in handy when you want to listen to another person even while wearing the earbuds. It enables the wearer to listen better and be alert to what is happening in their surrounding without removing the earbuds. Likewise, you don’t need to pause the music either. So, you can turn the transparency mode on to hear your surroundings when you’re movies or listening to your favorite song.

Clarity Like Never Before

We used the earbuds to listen to a myriad of different genres of songs. The bass drop in the songs was thumpy, and the punch was pretty impressive, as well. So, you might want to consider buying the Diamond On T300 if you’re a bass lover. Moreover, the vocals are soothing and excellent. Moreover, the instrumentals struck a perfect balance between depth and vocals.

Costar Diamond On T300_review_clarity

We also found Bollywood tracks to be immersive on the Costar Diamond On T300. Overall, the Diamond On T300 is ideal for audiophiles who want to treat themselves to a superior music session. We constantly kept the music maximum at 70 percent. We found the best audio output at 60 percent. However, if you listen to music at 80 percent or above, it will feel quite harsh on the ears.

Seamless Connectivity & User-Friendly Touch Controls

The process of pairing the Diamond On T300 is simple as A, B, and C. When you take the earbuds out of the box for the first time, simply press and hold them for about 5 seconds. Now, this will activate the pairing mode. Next, turn on the Bluetooth on your laptop or smartphone. The Costar Diamond On T300 will appear under the Available devices section.

All you need to do to pair the earbuds to your device is to tap on the earbuds’ name. These earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 for a quick pairing like the OnePlus Buds Z. We found the pairing process to be seamless. Also, it offers a pretty good range. We went to another room, leaving the paired device behind but the earbuds did not disconnect. You can use various touch controls on the earbuds to access different modes.

  • Tap on the earbuds twice to answer or end calls
  • Press on the earbuds for about 2 seconds to reject incoming calls
  • Tap on the left/right earbud three times to summon a voice assistant
  • You can tap on either of the earbuds to play or pause music and video
  • To skip to the next video or music, simply tap twice on one of the earbuds
  • By pressing and holding the earbuds for 2 seconds, you can activate the transparency mode
  • You can press and hold on the earbuds for 2 seconds to turn on ANC
  • Finally, you can tap on the earbuds thrice to enter into gaming mode

Enhance Your Gaming Experience

The Diamond On T300 TWS earbuds offers avid gamers something to cheer about. This feature-laden audio device comes with a dedicated game mode. You can reduce the latency to 70ms while playing your favorite titles. We played WWE2K on a smartphone and GTA: San Andreas on a laptop without experiencing any latency after turning on the game mode.

Costar Diamond On T300 - Review_gaming
The firing sounds and reloads were clearly audible and in sync. Further, the mic quality on these earbuds is pretty good. We used them for calls and the receiver could hear our voice clearly. You can further enhance the calling experience by activating the ANC feature.

Long Lasting Battery Life

The Diamond On T300 TWS earbuds deliver reliable battery life for the price. We watched several episodes of our favorite web series for nearly two hours when the battery was fully charged. After two hours of usage, the battery has dropped to 60 percent. We even activated the ANC and transparency mode but the battery did not disappoint. Further, the case takes roughly about 60-80 minutes to charge fully. Also, you can extend the battery life by deactivating the ANC mode.


If you’re in the market for feature-rich earbuds that don’t cost a bomb, the Diamond On T300 will fill the bill. Moreover, its unique design will definitely turn heads. Overall, they help you stand out from the crowd. We’ve been using these earbuds for watching videos, gaming, and listening to music even while traveling. The ANC feature comes in handy to provide an immersive listening experience even on the go.

Costar Diamond On T300 - Review_verdict

So, the Diamond On T300 is worth considering if you’re a frequent traveler who consumes a lot of media. Further, both ANC and the transparency mode turned out to be excellent for the price. If you play a lot of games on your mobile phone or laptop, you might want to get your hands on these earbuds. The game mode on the earbuds considerably reduces latency while gaming. Also, the earbuds offer sufficiently good mic quality and battery life.

Price & Where To Buy

The Diamond On T300 TWS earbuds are available on the official Costar website. Alternatively, you can buy earbuds from Amazon. Moreover, you can avail yourself of a whopping 58 percent discount on the earbuds. The Diamond On T300 earbuds are currently available for a lowered price of just INR 1,799 on Amazon India. The discount is also available on the company’s official online store.

Costar Diamond On T300 - Review_buy
However, the earbuds will go back to their original asking price of INR 3,999 when the promo ends. So, you can head straight to Amazon or Costar’s website and save INR 2,300 on your order. Also, you can take advantage of four unmissable offers on Amazon. First off, you can get rewards worth INR 1,500 and more and 3 percent back on your Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card. There’s a 10 percent instant discount of up to INR 1,250 for SBI Credit Card holders. The same discount is available on Non-EMI Transactions, as well. As if that weren’t enough, you can get an additional 10 percent off simply by using coupon code GIZCH179 at the time of checking out.

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